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  1. BOOM

    Johnny Glocks

    In my opinion Jonny Glock is really a good guy, and more of a type of giver than just a taker. I asked a lot of questions he's not trying to hide anything to how he does his triggers.
  2. I'd say having accurate slug, would be consistent group size. @ 50, 75 and 100 yards
  3. No expert either; but Tom from MOA precision would be able to help.
  4. Good all round LM choke. Tru-ball has (always) seemed inconstant on accuracy at least for my Stoeger , but listing to other's here there the most reliable. No never have run a Fiocchi 1300 fps, only 1150 fps very soft shooting. How did they compare to Tru-ball in your Stoeger
  5. Tru-Ball = reliability, but these are always all over NO consistency. Liked the Flocchi 1150 fps they worked and were very soft on recoi,l but due to the reliability issue I went with the Federals I've been trying to get these again, but they seem to be discontinued. Is there anything that's grouping for you guys:::
  6. Seriously Federal TRU-BALL slugs are junk for accuracy in a Stoeger
  7. beweatt; call Tom MOA precision expert gun smith on MK3
  8. ^^ WOW now that's a RACE gun ^^
  9. Real happy with ALG. 4 lengths, 4 colors, and 3 different styles. Best of all the barrel nut and tube are ROCK SOLID
  10. Clean your trigger group; look closely at your disconnector... have a MOA mod trigger group ? check the screw adj. Tom's the best person to ask ..
  11. Since were all shooting pretty much the same gun give or take POI to POA. Truball are rated top tear for reliability , but there every where at 100 yards
  12. What brand of Slugs have given you the best group at 100 yrds, and also which Choke has worked for your best slug group
  13. Tom your back its great to here from you again.
  14. Try and see if a Benelli spring is interchangeable. Stoegers are low cost Benellies, keep us posted like to here more
  15. Can someone show me what a polished extractor notch on there barrel looks like
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