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  1. Does anyone know of any companies doing loading port cuts on new A5s? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t seem to find anybody advertising working on them.
  2. I was under the impression that once the gun was loaded ghosting or air gunning was no longer allowed?
  3. I got left downrange on a particularly large stage with lots of barricades and walls while I was resetting a flasher target. I started back to the shooting line, and the shooter had a mag in his gun and was ghosting the beginning of the stage which was where I was standing. The RO failed twice, once by leaving me, a first timer at this particular match, and again by allowing the shooter to ghost the stage with a loaded gun. Very not fun introduction to that match and I haven’t been back since.
  4. The guys saying keep the gun high are correct for more than one reason, first for safety so as to not to flag yourself, but also for speed. If you enter a position with the gun high you will have less distance to cover with your hands to get the gun back to your eyes and the target.
  5. Does anyone have any experience running the CMMG 16in upper for PCC, I really like the idea of being able to run my 3-gun lower and getting solid practice in with the exact setup I run for multigun. Also do you guys think the 30 round mags would be a heavy hindrance to being competitive?
  6. I have a JP that I may be moving, it has a 1.75 inside diameter and is 15.5 in long.
  7. Ok, so a PredetAR block is 1.35 but I know that the majority of the height comes from the top of the block above the barrel. Think it would work?
  8. Anyone know if an Odin works Ragna Forend will fit over a Larue PredetAR barrel and gas block?
  9. I did the same thing, but I did it on purpose so that I knew where to grind the tube when I pulled it out. It let me get deeper into the port without interference from the tube itself.
  10. Have any M3000 users had any issues with the trigger group pin walking itself out, and If so do you have a fix?
  11. I used a heat gun and my man hands lol, Stoeger says its blue locktite which is what I reapplied after I polished it.
  12. Are you talking heatgun heat or blowdryer heat? haha
  13. How did you get the mag tube off the receiver?
  14. Does anyone know if you can run painted lead bullets such as those from Eggleston Munitions through a Zev drop in barrel?
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