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  1. Hi Folks, in 2014 I attended at the IPSC World Shoot in Frostproof. Unfortunately the Belt Buckles, wich I collect from every large match, were sold out almost on the first day and getting one shipped over here to Germany did not worked out. Afaik they are sold out at the web store too. Is there any IPSC World Shoot 2014 - USA Belt Buckle out there I could purchase? This would realy help me a lot to complet my collection. Shout out from Berlin. Thank you and DVC. Rob
  2. You are an awesome fighter. Keep it up. Shout out from Berlin. Rob
  3. Yeah, I also shot factory ammo. Well, it’s all personal preference. I personaly have the feeling, that the soft, long stroke, dipping 147gr is slowing me down...Hahahah.... I rather run 115gr in my opinion it’s tracks the sights better. cheers, Rob
  4. I can not confirm that. We have tried every ammo brand we could get our hands on and never run into a single problem with any of our guns. As for bullet weight... 2 of my boys like 145/147gr, one just changed to 130 and I rather like light bullet weights. 115 is great but I also shot 124gr S+B bulk box ammo. What we don’t recommand is this MaxxTech ammo. We belive that it is unsafe. it’s the Indian, not the Arrow this is defenatly the downside of the Redback. You can’t blame the gun anymore cheers, Rob
  5. Great, I would like to know and see the DK Holster. I know that there is a decent guy makeing Kydex rigs. I belive its DKYX. They made me a great TQ holder. I have started with the Guga Ribas Race Holster. It is safe and fast but the adjustement is takeing some time. Now run the Guga Ribas Neo. Ist Looks funny but it is my Favorit now. I just like „closed“ Holsters more than Open race Holsters. cheers, Kommbat
  6. They should be comming soon. The .40´s are out now and the 9mm should be on the shelf soon. AFAIK all Drakes and the newer Redbacks are all optics ready. Cheers, Kommbat
  7. Hey Iroy, yeah, thats a legit questio. What makes the 3 times higher price? Easy answer: Its the Material, craftmanship, fitting, design, finish, support, image But the true question should be: Do I need to spend 3 x as much a Shadow 2? The answer is a little harder. I would answer it with: Well... Will it make you a winner? No. Bob Vogel won the IPSC World Shoot in 2011 with a more or less Stock-Glock. So it will always be the indian and not the arrow. But there is always a "but"... Perormance wise: shoot a CZ next to a Phoenix and you will discover that the CZ can do everything a Redback or Drake can do, but they do everything a bit nicer. Try it out by yourself, I can tell you a lot. Fit and finish wise: Any Phoenix is a semi custom gun that is hand fittet for tightest grouping and reliable funktion. Thats the same with STI or SVI...do you need such a 2011 or will a SPS do the job too? look at it like a race car driver would look at a Mustang and a Porsche. A profesional driver will always let you eat dust with his Mustang and the novice driver will not win against him just cause he is running a Porsche. But the Porsche is not just over all much nicer car, but I will also give two equal drivers may be a bit better performance, thats needed to win. For me, and just für me, my Redbacks are like my Porsche. But like I wrote before, you have to see and feel it for yourself. Cheers, Kommbat
  8. Hey Blackstone, well, I keep the original buffer in my Redback. Since I use a steel / steel frame, I feel safe with using anything like 10lbs and above for 115/125gr factory loads. Try out some soft 147gr loads with 9 or 8lbs. But I would always keep and inspect the buffer. Cheers! Kommbat
  9. Hey Alex, brother, how is it going? Was good to see you at the European Championship. You also did very well. Great Job! Hope the WHC is happening this year at least. By then I will be turned "Senior" so you better keep up the training Stay safe! Cheers from Berlin Rob
  10. Yeeees! even more accurate than the bloddy Redback Phoenix is comming up with a tool that is making disassembly easyer. Did you know that the Barrel Bushing of the Drake has a ball bearing system? Cheers, Rob
  11. Hi Blackstone, sorry for the late response. The Factory recoil spring is 15lbs AFAIK. I like a 11lbs and 10lbs spring shooting 115 and 124gr ammo. I would not go low as 8lbs, unless you shoot some realy slow and heavy bullets. Get yourself a set of CZ recoil springs with different weights and give it a try. How did you got along with the shortened 1911 hammer spring? AFAIK you can´t use a CZ hammer spring. I hope EEmann is coming out with a full line of Redback springs. There is also a "competition trigger set" in the pipeline, but Covid has slowed down everything. Have you made it to Interlaken? Cheers, Rob
  12. Naw! The Drake was made right away for IPSC Standard Division. Remo, the top shooter of Team Phoenix, was rocking a Drake prototype for a year or so, at matches all over Europe. Would not have been possible without fitting in THE BOX. Cheers, Rob
  13. I hear you. But what will you do? if your hold your new Redback next to your Tafo...you know, you did everything right! Cheers
  14. You will Love it. The work of the Slide, the Reset, the fit and finish is just different than the rest of all the other Production Guns. The recoil Impuls feels soft in the hand and the return to zero is just great. When you have set up the springs to your ammo.... you don‘t want to shoot another production gun.
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