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  1. Yes, i tested it. I think so. Can i do something to the extractor to make it better? I already polished it. It throws the brass in all directions. Pretty strange. Oh, and i had a level 3 ipsc match last weekend. The gun didn´t feed my geco 154gr flathead ammo. Had 6 malfuctions on a 12 sec. stage... made it in 37 sec. Lost 70 Points. The bullets stuck on the loading ramp (polished) or right on the way into the chamber (polished) at 45 degree. Starting to hate this gun. Cost me a good 3rd place.
  2. It was grinding even without the overtravel screw. It´s working now, with the new trigger bar. But the overtravel screw has to just barely touch. Only problem i have, are stovepipes. 1 in about 200 rounds. Extractor is new and polished, spring is the extra power atm. It´s a newer, stroked Largeframe.
  3. Hammer is going back all the way, touching the beavertail. Didn´t do anything to the spring. When i pulled the trigger and hold it back and release the hammer forward with my other hand, the sear was touching the hammer´s hooks. (grinding? dragging?)
  4. I threw the buffer out after i learned that it doesn´t touch anything. (thanks Ted!) Maybe it even leads to to less slide movement. I have the xtreme guide rod installed. I´ll do the extractor test and test the stock interruptor.
  5. New trigger bar is installed. Did help a bit, but not very much. I can use the triggerstop screw now but only a tiny bit before the sear is scratching again. I´d say it´s no more than a few thenth of a milimeter. 3/4 of a turn from not contacting the frame to sear scratching at the hammer´s hooks. Does the interruptor have any influence on the single action. Gun is extracting a bit better, but the brass is flying in all directions. Still had 1 failure to eject the last training (250 rounds). Next problem is, the recoil buffer´s get destroyed within one training session. They break and knot around the recoil spring wich jams the slide. Gun has all xtreme parts inside now. except the sear housing.
  6. Had to shoot a class this weekend and didn´t want to destroy sear and/or hammer. That was the fastest fix.
  7. Yes, trigger spring issn´t the problem. Recoil spring is a 10lb with factory 124gr. Extra power extractor spring is installed, and a new extractor wich i polished. Have to test on thursday.
  8. Hi Guys, i filed a thenth from the back of the trigger. That was enough to make the sear move freely. I will order a new Trigger bar. Pretty sure mine is out of spec. Otherwise it doesn´t make sense. Installed the extended firing pin block. After testing i found out, it didn´t work correctly with the stock block. Gun shoots good, but sometimes it produces strange malfunctions. It pinches brass in the ejection window. Is that due to a weak extractor spring?
  9. I´ll try that. I didn´t touch the lower leg. Do i need to install the extended firing pin safety btw ? I didn´t install it. I think it works.
  10. Thanks ! The gun is 2 weeks old. Sear is new (yesterday). Have to get a new triggerbar i guess...
  11. All Tanfo xtreme parts. Stock 2 optic. An experienced tanfo shooter told me, it should be due to tolerances with the trigger bars. Mine doesn´t engage the sear correctly because it´s to thin at the contact point. I´ll try a shorter hammer spring first.
  12. Hi guys! I just installed the some xtreme parts. Sear Titan Hammer Interruptor Trigger DA and SA are working. Safety is working after fitting the sear, but i can´t pull the trigger far enough back (it´s touching the frame) to lift the sear enough to completly clear the hammer´s hooks. Triggerstop issn´t touching. It´s the Trigger itself touching the frame. Do i have to fit something to do not round the hooks of the hammer over time or make the trigger engage earlier (more forward) ? Regards Jan
  13. That´s the deal. If you are not target focus you see black and a dot, but no target.
  14. My striker reset spring is broken all the time. (the tiny small one in the striker) I´m pretty sure that happens to all p320´s pretty often. Mine doesn´t fire by itself.
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