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  1. I´m trying out the new slightly curved AC trigger now. Seems like i like it a bit more. Finger hits the same spot every time.
  2. For some reason the trigger became a bit lighter and the dot doesn´t move when the striker hits the chamber. (with AC vs GG)
  3. As my AC Trigger somehow doesn´t want to sit flush in the hole of the FCU, ( like there is tension from the trigger bar, wich wants to pull it out of the hole) it did wear a lot on the contact point over the last 2 month and has a lot of side to side wiggle now. Thats pretty strange. I ordered a new bar (the old one works fine with GG,Stock and Apex Triggers) and the new slightly curved AC trigger. Hope this one doesn´t have that problem.
  4. When you do your movement training, concentrate on coming to a smooth stop with your sights early up and as steady as possible on the target. Over time that will somehow solve your problem by itself. Look at your stance when you entered your new position. Relaxed shoulders is key. Don´t tense up.
  5. That looks good. Like they finally made the form to make the modules in L and S. A pitty that i just bought a txg grip in M.... for 400€ in Germany (M is to small, have to trick it out with griptape to make it bigger - i thought they would never bring them in Large)
  6. I learned for myself, that i don´t want the best gun possible. I stay much more motivated when i change parts for tuning etc.
  7. They don´t exist as far as i know. I´ve seen the normal x5 Grip on their webside, but it´s still not produced i think.
  8. I´m running this combination too. I didn´t take all the pretravel out. I like how wide the trigger is. I´ll try the new slightly curved trigger, wich will be coming out soon, too.
  9. No, you are right, of course! I just wanted to put some more variables out there. It "sounded" a bit time-weighted. (timer) For example: A grip can feel and shoot great, with the perfect grip, but it can be pretty hard to get that grip out of the draw, if something just issn´t right for you. (a bit to small is enough to make it hard to grip it right, for example). Your timer and your hits can tell a different story. The factor adaptation is there too. Magwell, Buttons, size, stippling etc. But yes, if you shoot a new grip and you mostly get better hits and times,
  10. Sounds like everything is ok then. I just had a problem yesterday. The trigger felt bad, heavy and much to loose, rattling around. Oh, and it wouldn´t fire every time. I changed the tiny small trigger reset spring in the Striker because it was damaged. That was the loose feeling. But that wasn´t the whole problem. It just was much to dirty, i think. After cleaning everything felt normal again.
  11. Your welcome Eric: Yes and no. There are grips where you get a better grip, more easy, etc. You also can shoot as fast as you want, with any grip. Depending on the shape, your handsize etc. different grips can return to zero differently. If everything is a shooter thing, why even bother changing a grip ? Hello
  12. I think there is more to it than just the times. Comfort. Hits. Hits and times with a bad grip (how easy to shoot). How easy to get a good grip. Return to zero. etc.
  13. Maybe there´s something wrong with the trigger. Also double check the sear and the nose on the striker. They must be clean too. I used this video. If you still aren´t sure that it runs like it should, i would check the pins first. If that wasn´t the problem, dissasemble and reassamble again.
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