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  1. 50/50 is great, i think. Track your sights, learn to hold your eyes open, finetune your grip till the sights come back alligned, fire the 2nd shot dry to learn a good and fast 2nd pull. After some clean 2nd pulls, do some hot 2nd pulls, then repeat 50/50. This did so much for me.
  2. I figured out, that it doesn´t make much difference when i put weight on my toes but don´t push forward when shooting. The gun pushes me back the first shots anyway. Maybe try to bend your forward knee a bit and stiffen the back knee. Something like Max Michel´s stance. When you start shooting, put pressure on your back foots heel, so you push forward a bit.
  3. Looks nice! How did you cut it? While taped on the gun, or before the taping?
  4. Funny! Same here. The other shooters dont even understand what i´m doing. To them i seem like an alien It´s kind of hard to get better.
  5. I see a lot of myself in your experiences. If i have that bad days, i try to warm my hands up even more, just with draws and good hard grips. After some reps, they stop hurting. If the shooting somehow stresses me (what leads me to really strange 2nd trigger pulls), i do this one drill where you fire one round and do the next pull dry, as soon as the sights are back. When i can pull the 2nd fast and straight, i shoot some live pairs, then i change back to 1 live - 1 dry again and repeat. Just load a round and put the mag back to your belt, then repeat. Maybe there is no progress on that bad day, but at least i did some good reps and didn´t engrave 100 flinches in my brain. I hope u understand my old school-englisch
  6. That sounds good. How is the Slidestop/release working?
  7. Maybe try to imagine on every triggerpull that you pull the trigger right into your dominant eye. But i suck at weakhand too. I wouldn´t go for thousands of "bad" trigger pulls. Better try to do only good ones.
  8. Uh, i already have a big callus there from my Sp01 Shadow. Do the Talons stay in place without them beeing wrapped around the grip? Could you upload a picture?
  9. To some the texture is to aggressive. I would love that.
  10. bimmer1980

    Next Level GM

    You are right. But if you are the (Overall) best shooter and stand no chance vs much worse shooters, issn´t something going wrong then ? Ok, it depends on what you call the better shooter. Move less in matches and/or more in classifiers would help. Some stages look like fitness obstacle courses. I think thats to much. Better put more and harder targets out there.
  11. bimmer1980

    Next Level GM

    There are no Paper GM´s (except cheaters). They are the fastest shooters while maintaining accuracy. In my eyes noone should try to take that away from them. Shooting issn´t moving, or stageplaning, thats all.
  12. Does the Hammer fall free? Mine had a badly adjusted triggerstop that caused the hammer to hit the sear when falling. That causes some movement to the gun. It even damaged the hammer, so one day it started doubling. Hold the hammer back, pull the trigger and hold it back. Watch if the hammer touches the sear when the hammer moves forward.
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