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  1. Ok, thanks for explaining! I get a weird feeling when IPSC/USPSA shooters cant hit a big box, 2 yards away, while going slow. Thats why i thought maybe they counted it as an AD.
  2. Thats ok, just a smartphone video would be totally fine - about the trigger pull and reset with the GG kit installed
  3. Could you do a short video about the travel and reset?
  4. Moving is okay, the rules says "while clearly running" Well, i´m pretty sure you are right, there issn´t a rule for missing even the closest shots, but whats the rule for accidental discharges? Doesn´t that fall under "unsafe gun handling"? Is it only an AD if you AD when you don´t point your gun near a target? Hi Schützenmeister! Warst du in Rammstein stationiert? Well, that (german) rule is stupid anyway, cause you can´t tell if someone pointshoots, as long as the gun is in front of his face.
  5. Well, point shooting issn´t allowd here, in IPSC. Don´t know if thats a national thing or a IPSC rule. GM´s are not shooting at a slow, beginner like pace. The factor "slow" is important in this case.
  6. I don´t run shooters, but i have to shoot indoor matches only. To miss a mobile bullet catch from a very short distance (twice!!!), there must be something very wrong when you go at a slow pace. Thats weird point shooting or AD. Thats more than just poor gun handling.
  7. - Want to win my first IPSC match. Had two 2nd places in my first two level2 matches. But in both matches almost got disqualified - Get my draw and grip consistent. That drives me crazy.
  8. Well, at an indoor range, miss a mobile bullet catch, 2meters away , 2 times in a row, hitting the sidewalls of the range, while doing a slow and secure pace, would be unsafe gun handling, at least in my eyes. But i don´t know if that was the case.
  9. Is "Pro Shooter" a Video series? I can´t find it in his Youtube playlists.
  10. Whats the problem when the gun is shaking while shooting fast. It doesn´t stop after the shot it´s shaking up and down like a spring.
  11. As far as i did understand Matt Hopkins right, it´s a CZ/DanWesson. It´s a Shadow 2 Grip (or clone).
  12. Thanks, yes, i´ve seen that video. Just wondered if someone tried it with the GG Kit. I really don´t like that GG kit alone very much. Trigger pull pretty long and mushy, reset to long. It´s like a light glock trigger on mine. I went with the Apex Kit with GG springs. It´s much shorter overall.
  13. Did someone try the new Armory Craft Trigger? I just preordered one.
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