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  1. bimmer1980

    Small Gun Parts.com

    They have a lot of cool SIG Parts. They even did the paperwork to send me basepads to Germany. Very nice contact ("Kyle"), and fast. Happy to make advertising for them , they helped me so much.
  2. Thanks! I asked Tacitcal Pontoon as they don´t export to germany. Waiting for reply. Smallgunparts maybe, they already did send me baseplates and are very nice people, but i can´t find the springs there? Do you have a link for me?
  3. Yes, i´ve read that too. Phil Strader told someone, or so.
  4. I like the super short movement of the Apex too. It´s still a bit heavy. Have to test the GG, maybe combine it´s sear and springs with the apex bar and trigger.
  5. I have to say, after shooting an open major sig, i lost a bit of respect... It was almost like videogaming with a .22, but louder
  6. bimmer1980

    P320 X5 Thread

    Hey guys, if i push on my slide i can move it almost a milimeter down to the grip module, if i stop pushing it, it comes back up. Is that a thing to worry about or is that normal?
  7. Hi Guys. I just received my RHT Holster for my 320 xfive. There is lot of material getting scratched out by drawing the gun. Mostly on the upper right part of the slide. How loose or tight do you screw your holsters? If i screw it more loose, it get´s some play front to back, if i screw it tight, i do even feel the markings of the picatinny rail and drawing becomes a bit hard.
  8. try more support Hand pressure and/or stiffen the shooting hand wrist a bit more.
  9. Thanks! What do you guys use for the slide rails? Grease or oil?
  10. Had the striker removed many times now, never seen a problem with a spring. Wich spring is that, or did i already lose it?
  11. No, i think it´s how you hold the gun. My palm sit´s right at the logo area, cause i have large hands. So thats the point with maximum friction. The tape won´t hold up there.
  12. I like the idea to make a carry-class, since they made production to a production-race-gun class. But i´m afraid they would try to do the same with a carry class, just with shorter barrels once it becomes popular. The class would need a maximum barrel length, trigger weight, weapons weight, (iwb Holster would be cool too) etc. etc. But i think it wouldn´t do production a favor.
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