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  1. Vogel can do pretty good scoop draw´s. But i´ve never seen him do one in a match.
  2. That makes me worry if the P10F is the one for me. I´m afraid that i will have the same problem. How big are your hands?
  3. Yes i now know. It´s impossible to make a decision in that short amount of time. I learned that lesson during the drill, but somehow there was still doubt if i did it right.
  4. Strange thing is, i´m somehow an alien using double plugs. Almost all shooters i know (yes, they are not very good ) shoot over ears only. Many with simple Sportacs (like myself) and other small inexpensive electronics Muffs. It´s freaking loud with these things only.
  5. Thanks a lot! When i tried this drill, i really couldn´t understand how somehow see their sights settle und decide to shoot the shot in that time. Now i know that almost nobody can. So i´m not stupid
  6. Thanks guys, double plugging solved the problem for the most part.
  7. The trigger is not comparable. Biggest downside imo. Much to soft on the airsoft. My ASG doesn´t work anymore. Somehow the gas pushes our of the sear area when shooting.
  8. oh, okay. I´m pretty sure that will not happen. But who knows?
  9. Its rounded aluminium, so i´m pretty sure the glass will break if you throw it on the ground.
  10. After all it´s just a Trigger.
  11. I think this drill is not meant to have the perfect trigger pull. It´s for Kind of "slapping" the trigger without moving the sights. Goal is to have zero movement. That should be no easy task and I think if you achive that most the time, you are doing good.
  12. I have the same problem from time to time. When i´m cold or just stiff because of nervousness, it´s strange how i can mess up a simple movement that i did a thousand times. It drives me crazy. I think it´s important to have index points, a point where you rest your shooting hand, a point where you rest your support hand, a point where you move your support hand to, a point where you hit the gun. Holster position is critical, stance too. Even which angle you hold your Hands. That all should be as exactly the same as possible.
  13. I hope IPSC Production doesn´t go that nuts too. It´s stupid already. There are Guns (Tanfo xtreme, Shadow2 orange, PPQ match SF, new 320 xfive legion) that are not only build for competiton but also highly tuned. With Gas Pedals etc. it goes even more nuts.
  14. These guys are pros. Their gun´s are back on target, perfectly aligned much faster than ours are, plus they have a perfect triggerpull even at speed. Don´t compare yourself to them, if you don´t shoot 100- 150K a year.
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