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  1. Hi guys! Is there any US shop, that delivers to Germany? I can´t find ANYTHING for the xfive here in Germany. Whats the matter with these us export rules? I can´t find one US dealer who is willing to ship grips, or even guide rods or triggers to Germany. Can somone explain to me why they don´t export? Thats crazy... issn´t SIG german?
  2. What if you want to use your epoxy grip in IPSC ? Is it allowed in IPSC ?
  3. bimmer1980

    sight alignment

    Yes, some point naturally. 1911´s, many CZ´s, Walther, H&Ks etc.
  4. bimmer1980

    sight alignment

    I´m pretty sure it´s the grip angle of glocks that make them point high if you dont bend your wrist down. Everyone i know has that problem at the beginning. The "new" shadow 2 has a very deep beavertail cutout that also changes the grip angle a bit. It´s a pure training thing, in my eyes.
  5. bimmer1980

    sight alignment

    Thats an index problem as it sounds. Dryfire should solve that problem?
  6. This and steve anderson refinement and repetition
  7. You should buy some dryfire books from Steve Anderson and/or Ben Stoeger.
  8. Are you the Cody from that Podcast i just heared in my car?
  9. Shooting indoors only, i can´t see any fiber optic, no matter which colored glass Any ideas?
  10. Dryfire and livefire are two different things. It´s stress to your brain shooting live ammo. An explosion in front of your face, recoil, loud bang, thats stress. Your brain wants to to do a defensive move to fight the problem. You could be dryfire world champ, but do flinch in livefire. It´s almost always some kind of recoil anticipation, IMO I think John Lovell is very right, right here:
  11. Try the 50/50 drill. Load one round, get the mag out. Shoot one shot, shoot the next dry. Repeat. It´s amazing what you can see on the second shot. Watch your sights carefully. Don´t shoot to slow. Your brain shouldn´t have to much time to realize that the second shot is dry.
  12. And thats true ! Goes much better for me using double ear protection indoors.
  13. Hi there. I know, you are more USPSA shooters, but maybe someone knows if slide milling is allowed in ipsc prod. optics? I find it kind of hard to understand the rule.
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