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  1. i wouldn´t want myself to train for releasing the trigger not far enough.
  2. What was that ? Finger on the trigger ?
  3. He did train for about 500 rounds and then shot the match. That doesn´t tell very much about long term reliability.
  4. About 12K, not one issue till now
  5. This ! And the Alien really is a superior design for fast shooting.
  6. Stoeger even won a national title without winning a single stage.
  7. Hwansik Kim is locking his wrist without gripping hard with his strong hand. I think Stoeger does it too. You can learn to isolate that muscle group in your forearm. Thats at least what Kim said. Grauffel is using almost no grip pressure. Front to back pressure only. His wrists are locked pretty good i think.
  8. You got a lot of good information from everybody in this thread. Maybe something will make it clicking for u. There are some problems: 1. The gun moves in your support hand. You can see the trigger guard lift from your finger and you see the gun moving back. Watch your thumb. 2. Your shooting hand wrist is much more unlocked than your support hands. That doesn´t let your grip work together like a unit. 3. You don´t give that incoming recoil energy a chance to dissappear, if you lock your ellbows. You can see that all impact force running into your
  9. Right. I just checked again... thats pretty amazing! But it also tells you that shooting less rounds on more days per week is much better than shooting many rounds every one or two weaks.
  10. Sure it is possible. Try building your grip with more leverage instead of just gripping hard. You will develop the muscles you need over time. Your wrists should be locked, without tensing your shooting hand up. Thats not easy. Elbows/Arms slightly bend and relaxed. Shoulders relaxed.
  11. I believe, the first thing you should learn is a good solid grip (incl. wrists, elbow, shoulders, stance.) With 50 rounds you could do 50 reps of the 50/50 drill. Thats 100 Trigger presses. (lets say 40 which are 80 trigger presses and do 10 shots shooting doubles in the end, to see how you did) Load a round into the chamber, then get the mag out and put it on the table or back in the pouch. Start low ready. Build your grip, stance etc. from low ready. Shoot a fast pair and watch what the sights are doing in recoil and what they do on the 2nd shot, wich is dry. Your br
  12. You can do everything in dryfire other than recoil control. On the range i would go for 50/50 drills und doubles drill. Remember your best grip, stance etc. from live fire and use it in dryfire. You can get pretty good if you put in quality work in dryfire, even without beeing able to run around on the range.
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