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  1. bimmer1980

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Shot from a sandbag, so not my achievement It shows that the gun itself is pretty accurate, or at least more accurate than i thought.
  2. bimmer1980

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I tried 5 Shots at 50 Meters from a sandbag with the old xfive with factory ammo at a ipsc mini target. https://www.instagram.com/p/CSOhuIdMnGu/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  3. It fits IPSC: Production Production Optics (with the retro slide) Standard minor
  4. There´s a big difference between hitting the close range A-zone without seeing the sights, and hitting a perfect double. The first one is done by having a good index and good technique, the second one need´s a kind of recoil control, which is able to return the gun exactly !!! to the point from where the first shot started from and a trigger pull that doesn´t move the gun a micromillimeter. Or the exact same bad triggerpull This can happen once in a while, yes.... once in a while. The chances alpha-mike to perfect double are about 1000 to 1 i guess If you are good...
  5. It´s not the trigger, it´s the draw and the transitions. In USPSA/IPSC we aim for sub 2 seconds, 7 yards, 3 targets, all A´s.
  6. This is too funny !! At 5 Yards, you can easily shoot misses. You just need to switch your focus/eyes/body a bit to early. At this distance, you can transition from one to the next target, 2 yards to the side in ~0,2 sec., which also means you can easily miss a target at this distance in this time.
  7. Hi! I´d say every timer, on wich you can adjust the sensibility. I use a DAA Shotmaxx 2.
  8. I had to start the first stage in my first ever match and it was the important IPSC long course. I was so scared and stressed, my heart was pumping like hell. All i tried to do was calling my shots. After the stage i felt like i could collapse and i really thought about driving back home. I couldn´t handle the pressure. Somehow I made 2nd on that stage with 3 seconds slower than some of the top 5 but with much more points. Made 2nd overall in Production out of 31 and could´t believe it. I was very happy. The next 5 matches i made many of the mistakes you talked about. Forgot targets, run targets over, forgot stage plans, shot silly mikes i called good, lost magazines and I even was laying on the ground, slipping out on a piece of brass (indoors). It´s such a cool sport, but it´s very hard to handle the pressure
  9. I have a normal xfive grip in large. They are really only a tiny little bit bigger. They are not any longer.
  10. No, you don´t really feel 100 grams.
  11. Hi! As some people where asking for them -> Armory Craft sells "Positive Reset Trigger Return Springs" now. I tried them. Reset is more snappy now. Pretty nice. They increase the triggerpull weight by about 100 grams. https://www.armorycraft.com/product-page/sig-sauer-p320-trigger-return-spring-10
  12. It´s the FCU to slide fit in my eyes. You can see the slide lift from the FCU while pulling the trigger. Once it gets spring tension from the magazine (with a round in it) it´s gone.
  13. Thanks for the help. It starts running now. Seems like the sodastream bottles wherend filled propperly.
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