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  1. bimmer1980

    p-10F issue

    That would make me angry too, but i thought on p10´s you could slam the mag in and the slide goes forward.
  2. thumbs up! The RO leads the squad from stage to stage? Well, if i found it open, i would also think it has to stay open.
  3. Yes, i know. Same here. But issn´t it open all the time then ?
  4. Well, am i the only one that can not figure out the sense of an open door?
  5. Yeah, but hey, you wanted to know what the Pro´s can do. Shannon Smith is a worldclass shooter, no doubt. It will take many years of hard work to get to that point. Just take under 3 seconds for your first goal. That would be a pretty good time in my eyes.
  6. The DQ is okay, i just wanted to tell the shooter "heads up". It´s not the worst DQ in history. For the future: just do what the RO tells you to do. Nothing else. It´s time to calm down and listen when you are finished.
  7. No big deal in my eyes. It wasn´t unsafe. The gun was unloaded. Heads up, next time you just do what the RO tells you and you are fine.
  8. There is. The Sp01 has a slightly different frame. Longer beavertail, slightly different form, checkering etc.
  9. To me it looks like you get really good. Some stages look really solid.
  10. Maybe low 2 ish´s for the billdrill ? ~ 0.4 to put the M4 to the side, 1.6 for the billdrill sounds realistic for me.
  11. No expert, but maybe you could -> Try more force on your strong hand pinky, that helps stiffen your wrist as well as it doesnt let the gun flip in your hand. Pull the Grip right into your hand. Try start building your support hand grip with your fingertips, then wrap the hand around. Like a nutcracker. If that issn´t for you, try a bit of push pull force or do strengths training. You also could try a bit of dryhands and/or chalk.
  12. Maybe because "do it right" is the only way to do it -> and that doesn´t deserve credit. But i really don´t know.
  13. I thinks it´s an educational measure. Safety first. Noone should even get the idea of trying to get lucky with the safety rules for gaining speed.
  14. That checkering looks not good...
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