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  1. I have a white RHT holster (inside). My xfive look´s the same. It´s just Kydex, i can scratch it of with my fingernail.
  2. You tell the story, not the pictures... https://www.google.de/search?q=sig+X-Weight&hl=de&sxsrf=ALeKk03BCczLMo1AAaxMgxzO2-H8E-AwNA:1585522704164&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjlmcKs5MDoAhWSM-wKHZQzDZwQ_AUoAnoECAwQBA&biw=1697&bih=966#imgrc=RwMJvsgykxMUnM&imgdii=YJcGFOkjx6VJBM Or does these pictures tell the story of steel sucking, cause you can put even more weight on?
  3. According to all these steel guns in limited/standard, even steel must suck, as there are many with weights on the steel gun... This one World-Class Champion even won everything without any weights. Called Production. Oh, and against a lot of heavy steel guns. Your argument is good for the bar, not more.
  4. 1. If you can shoot straight and can shoot small groups, but your whole group goes to the left, it´s the sights. 2. If you are new to shooting, you better let someone shoot it, that can shoot small groups. 3. If you fire fast rapid groups, it´s pretty likely you push the gun to the left, thats pretty common.
  5. on the clock, yes, but i bet the scores are better with a lighter trigger Mine looks like the Picture down right. Overall travel and reset are pretty short.
  6. The biggest benefit would be, that you finally could buy something for the 320 in europe. It´s almost impossible to get anything for the 320 even in Germany. A Legion grip comes 416€ with 3 month waiting time, from brownells. You get a CZ p10c for about that price.
  7. I tried the apex kit with the Apex Triggers (both, curved and straight) greyguns Pin, Sear and springs. The Apex trigger won´t fire with the greyguns overtravel sleeve. It will with the Apex overtravel sleeve. With the greyguns sear i get a scratchy but lighter triggerpull. (Under 3lb) Don´t know why it felt that scratchy. So i left the GG Pin and springs in there but used the original sear with the complete apex kit. It gives me pretty short 1,6 to 1,7 KG Triggerpull with the curved Trigger. (3lb 10oz?) With shorter reset and a pretty short overall travel. The straight trigger gets the weight down a bit more, but i like the curved. I´ll try to combine the GG kit with the Aromory craft Trigger, when it arrives. I like the low weight of the GG Kit but i like the shorter overall travel and the shorter reset of the apex kit too. As i´m not allowed to go under 3lb in IPSC i´ll leave it for now.
  8. Thats the most stupid and slowest thing you should do... Just dryfire drills with draws, your DA trigger (wich is a nice one, on a shadow) will be the easiest thing in the world after a while.
  9. Hope the grip issn´t as short as it seems. Otherwise it looks amazing. .... but costy
  10. Thats important to. Just shoot some magazines without aiming but with watching the sights or the slide move. If you blink, you almost guaranteed flinch.
  11. You maybe have to do it a bit faster, so your brain is still stressed. Try to aim for ~ .25 to .40 splits. I saw bad flinches and bad triggerpulls that way, which i would not have seen in live fire. You can train it out pretty good by repeating many times. Your focus should be on the sights not on thinking about the following dry pull.
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