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  1. bimmer1980

    CZ p10 F for IPSC/USPSA?

    I hoped they sorted this quality dispersions out...
  2. bimmer1980

    Draw, first shot speed

    edit: IVC is right, didn´t read the first sentence
  3. bimmer1980

    CZ p10 F for IPSC/USPSA?

    Hi everyone! Has anyone already tried a P10 F for competition? What are your thoughts about it? Here in Germany they are still not available but, as far as i know, in the US. I´m planning to give it a try in carry optics/production optics. (lite)
  4. bimmer1980

    Grip for Sweaty Hands

    Ive found some pretty nice chalk balls. I use them even without sweaty Hands. My CZ Shadow keeps almost clean, but the grip you get is amazing.
  5. bimmer1980

    thoughts on second shot always to the left

    Try a nice drill to see whats happening. Load a round to your gun, get the mag out. Fire one shot, and a fast follow up shot (dry). You will be amazed what your sightpicture will do.