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  1. I haven't done my pistol yet but have practiced on some old ar pistol grips and I used the 24 hour jb weld and pulled the tape about a half hour after applying the silicon carbide. I would pull it before the epoxy dries. I got nice sharp lines doing mine this way.
  2. Yeah that's not acceptable. Are you going to contact primary machine?
  3. My p10f has been shooting 147gr fenix ammo since it was new, zero issues so far.
  4. My p10f was pretty stiff but not bad now. Just dry fire alot and see if it helps before spending the money. But, if I were to spend money I would get the apex one.
  5. If it turns out to be good it could certainly drive down the demand for the TSO, which in turn could lower the price.
  6. I called on Friday and wouldn't be told when they were coming out, but when I asked when to call back for an update he said to wait atleast a few months. So not sure if its coming out anytime soon or if he is tired of people calling and didn't want me to call back anytime soon...lol. Probably the latter.
  7. No, you want the stuff that takes 24 hours to cure...you don't want to be in a rush with this stuff. It is very unforgiving.
  8. They won't work with magwell
  9. Had to take it to fit the bar that holds the magwell. Then i packed back in what i could fit.
  10. It hasn't hardened on me yet but not sure. It wasn't too hateful to remove.
  11. Yeah I had to remove some. But it was a wash with what i gained from the weight of the bar. Still gained about 2oz in the grip.
  12. I think there is a tremendous benefit to a "pre-shot routine". When i used to play competitive golf, I am many others had a pre shot routine. Its important to get your mind in the same place every single time before you execute. Only you can decide what that is. For me I liked to focus on things that actually had nothing to do with swinging a golf club, alignment, wind, temps, yardage, etc....and let the swing happen. Not sure if this translates directly to shooting but it certainly helps. Oh and I agree with others, when I am on deck I completely shut off outside distractions and try to get in the zone.
  13. Dumb question but I couldn't find it, does anyone make it in different colors? Like fde?
  14. So today I got my magwell from CZ Custom and their 140mm basepads. The way the magwell attaches I had to remove some of my tungsten putty. There is a bar that goes into backstrap and is retained with the same pin that holds the backstrap on. Super happy with the setup so far even though I can only get 21 in the magazines. Need to either modify or replace the followers. I really want 23 in the magazine. And I gained alittle more weight. I think once I add a tungsten guide rod I will be really happy with. Not too heavy but not too light either...just right...lol. Right now at 32.5 oz with unloaded mag
  15. Hey whats going on everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm from Maryland but shoot 3 gun in PA. Still relatively new having shot my first season last year. Looking forward to gaining some speed this year.
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