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  1. Wise words indeed John! Don't like the "canned " photo either which shows the older checkering on the front and back straps and the older design trigger guard. Would definitely ask for pics of the actual item and serial number/year build code. The test target furnished with the pistol has a test date which is a better indication of the build date.
  2. GunBroker has one for $2799.99 + $35 shipping, no CC fees. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/783756915
  3. The 124's are still on Bayou's website. Just bought a case last week. http://www.bayoubullets.net/9mm-124-gr-rn-100-ct/
  4. I ordered the racker, thanks for the link! Think you mean Advance Ratio thumb rest? Looks like the new models have 4 holes but some sites have the older 2 hole model which would be better for the CZ's, I think. The CZ thumb rest is a little small but is ok for me for now, time will tell. My setups, so far:
  5. It's done! Thanks for the tips! Did you have to fit the slide racker? The racker from my czechmate fits perfectly, easy to remove, which is important since I moved it to the left side so it needs to be removed before the slide. Which side is yours on?
  6. Hey George, nice setup, well done! Recently installed my CZC multi optic mount and Burris FF III, want to remove the rear sight and have a few questions. 1. Anything I need to do to the elevation screw, turn in, out, before I drift out the sight? 2. Needed heat to loosen the set screws. Drift L to R or does it matter? Big hammer, little? 3. Other words of wisdom? 4. What slide racker are you using? Thanks! Nick
  7. Like anything, it depends when and where you buy. You can find them on GunBroker for right at $3K. There are two on there now at $3500 but I think others will appear soon at $3K. Jsut bought mine at $2950. The regular black Czechmates routinely sell for $2800-3200. From what I've read the Parrots are very limited in the US so you need to act quickly when they appear.
  8. Zx9rt1, Glad it worked out for you!
  9. zx9rt1,. Sent you a pm Nick
  10. You can use the picatinny rail to mount a UM3 sight mount http://www.umtactical.com/store/p3/UM3_Sight_Mount.html Slide removal will depend on the height of the rear sights vs how high the UM3 sits over the slide.
  11. Rec'd the mount today! It was at the P.O. yesterday but was a holiday, fast shipping! The mount fit perfectly, both to the dovetail and to the FF III. Total weight is 2# 11.8 ozs (43.8) with an empty mag. This is a completely stock Stock II pistol and mag. Will post pics tomorrow, P'bucket is on the rag again. Anxious to sight it in and see how it handles! Thanks Bruce! The power of the Forum is strong!
  12. Looks good Bruce! Ordered one last night.
  13. Yes, you got a good buy on the Shield. I have had really good luck with my FastFire III and they are about $204 shipped from Amazon right now. Weight is .9 oz without the mount so should be good to go depending on what the mount comes in at. Thanks for the info though. Any ETA from PrimaryBruce?
  14. What model sight did you get from Shield? Do you have a link? How do you like the sight? I would like to use my Burris FastFire III but no one else has ordered a mount for one yet. Would be willing to get the Shield if you have good feedback. Thanks!
  15. Limited .45 with bridge mounted Ultradot Matchdot.
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