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  1. Is the Dillon factory case feeder for the 550 any good? I see almost no reviews or videos of it and can barely find info. I'm interested in purchasing one and looking for feedback.
  2. Any Safariland mag pouch meant for a Glock 21/H&K USP 45 should work.
  3. I figured I would ask here since there seems to be more 2011's being run longer than the average forum. I am a police officer and have run a single-stack customized 1911 in 45 ACP for a little over. a decade. I want to transition to a 2011 and mount a Trijicon RMR on it. I keep hearing (from some notable persons) that the newer Staccato line is made better than the older "Tactical" series. The problem is the Staccato isn't offered in 45 ACP, which I prefer. Is there any truth in this from those of you that are long time STI users? Would I be find with a 5.0 Tactical in 45 ACP if I have the slide milled to fit the optic?
  4. My goal is a lightened slide to reduce muzzle flip, a match grade barrel to tighten group size, the grip high cut at the back of the trigger guard to allow a higher grip and a good trigger set at right about 4lbs. I want all of this and I want to be totally reliable for duty use. I've been shooting a 1911 hand-built by John Jardine for the the past three years. I shot mostly Glocks before that and now going back to them again, even with a fair amount of practice, they seem way more crude. I think Salient or Zev/Glockworx could build a pistol for me; however, they seem to be very similar (ala Wilson Combat and Nighthawk). I'm wondering what the history is there.
  5. So I want to have a Glock 17 customized and have been looking at Salient's Tier 2 package and Zev. Looking at the stuff offered by both it appears to be very similar almost as if done by the same folks. I also see they're both located in Oxnard, CA. What is the story with these two companies? Anyone have any insight on their products?
  6. If you want to try a KKM, I happen to have one laying around. Send me your address.

  7. I've been shooting G21's for about five years now and want to start reloading for it to increase my practice ammo supply. I understand that the factory barrel chambers have a somewhat loose tolerance decreasing brass life. I also know that lead ammo is a problem in the due to the rifling in the factory barrel. It's for these reasons I'm looking for an aftermarket barrel. So what are the differences between KKM, Wilson Combat, LWD and Bar-Sto? I'm leaning towards KKM right now. Please help me out.
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