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  1. So my Timney Trigger showed up a couple days ago so last night I thought I'd drop it into my G17 Gen 5 and run to the range to try it out. After two hours of trying to get it to work last night I gave up. Trigger hardly moves and feels severely bound up. Put the slide on and it completely locked up the gun and had to take the backplate off to get the slide off. Called Timney support today and they said it's a known issue on about 1/2 the guns having problems and they advised me to bend in the connector which I did (in the vertical video). Still not even close to working. The bar seems like it almost moves as much sideways as it does backward. Trigger bar only moves back if I completely push the connector in toward the receiver and hold it. Any thoughts or do I pack this thing up and get my money back? I'd love it to work but it not even close even after bending the connector pretty hard.
  2. So I just got the PTGR to play with in a Gen 5 17. I ordered it with both 11lb and 13lb springs (a couple of each). I used to run a 11lb spring on my Gen 4 with the regular tungsten rod. These fat springs seem very light compared to the "normal" size springs. The 11lb spring for the PTGR doesn't even come close to getting the slide back into battery. Has anyone else noticed this? I ordered a couple of each of the 11lb and they are both the same. The 13lb will return it to battery. Just curious.
  3. Does anyone know if these basepads will work with the TTI Gen5 competition magwell without dremeling the base pads? These are the pads: https://www.henningshop.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1456219&CAT=13580 In this magwell: https://tarantacticalinnovations.com/full-size-competition-lightning-magwell-for-generation-5/
  4. Just picked up a Shadow SP-01 and I am starting to play with it. What are people running for a recoil spring weight with 130pf ammo? Mine came with a 13lb and I also tried an 11lb but I think the muzzle is still dipping too much on return of the slide.
  5. Hey Apexer, what did you think of the recoil impulse between your CZ Shadows and the Q5 SF?
  6. NCJammer

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Had trouble with my Legion accuracy until I had the trigger done by the Sig Armorer. These are all offhand groups, first at 20 yards and the 2nd two at 10. Also these are with 160gr bayou bullets at .356. I call BS on the heavy bullets not being accurate out of this platform. I actually think the stock trigger is the culprit.
  7. You will like the 11, the 15 is way too heavy. I haven’t had a single malfunction with the 11.
  8. I’ve been running the crap out of my P10F and I really like it and I’ve got some other pretty nice tricked out guns to compare it to. I load 130pf ammo 147, 160 and some 135 and it has run flawless with a Glock 17 11# flat wire spring with a few coils cut off. Made it the same length as the stock spring which is 15# I think. Put in the CGW steel gun rod and pretty happy. I think it runs flatter than my Glocks and x5 legion with all the tungsten upgrades. wish there was better aftermarket support for it though, would like to see some tungsten guide rod options as wells as a steel or tungsten back strap and this pistol would really sing.
  9. Does anyone know if there is an optics plate available for the P10F or Shadow 2 OR for the Romeo 3XL?
  10. I ordered some 6-40 x 1/2” screws online earlier in the week and they showed up today and they fit perfectly. Going to run it tomorrow and see how it works. Why they make the screw holes mystery size is beyond me and the sig instruction manual is out of date that came with the pistol.
  11. So here’s an update to anyone trying to do the same thing I am. I went to Lowe’s this morning and was able to find some M4 screws just like the Sig rep told me. Got home and tried them in the factory Trijicon holes and they aren’t even close to fitting, way too big. The M4 screws fit perfectly in the other two hole patterns though but the Trijicon holes are noticeably smaller. Will go back later today to get some M3 screws and see if those fit. Will post an update later.
  12. I picked up a late model X5 Legion that comes factory drilled to fit Trijicon dots. I am going to run the SRO I took off my other pistol but when I tried to mount it today the stock screws that came with the Trijicon didn’t fit the X5 Legion. I called Sig and the rep said the screw spec is M4 x.7 x 8.5mm T15 head. I think the ones that came with the SRO are 6 x 1/2 or something. Where is the best place to get these screws? Call Trijicon or call sig back? If I find some at Lowe’s or HD is the metal strong enough not to shear off etc? Also, I saw a YouTube video today where a guy had the SRO mounted directly to the X5 Legion and he was getting stove pipes since the cases were bouncing off the glass and back into the chamber. Has anyone else experienced this?
  13. Does anyone know of an extended slide release for the X5 Legion? I can’t quite reach it without breaking my grip. Seems like they should have put that little part that sticks out on the rear of the release instead of the front like the Glock 34.
  14. So I had a chance to play with my new X5 Legion and it feels really good so far. I ran some Bill Drills at 11 yds (yes 11, not 10) at my indoor range to see how the gun returns. Has anyone played with lighter springs than the 12lb? I was running an 11lb in my Glock 34 with the same 130pf ammo. First impression is that it’s way better right out of the box than my Glock after lots of tweaking. Sig says it is a 1911 spring but when I took it out it looks crazy long. Anyone running flat wire or softer regular coil springs with good results?
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