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  1. Many of these barrel makers admit to publishing break in procedures to pacify there customers who constantly badger them for a break in procedure
  2. I found it a little off putting when Dillon would not send me a replacement for a broken shell plate unless I sent them my broken one first. Had always had no questions asked service from them before
  3. Clays is the softest I have ever tried
  4. Brazoscustom has a very informative write up on their website
  5. I would suggest trying some match grade factory ammo.
  6. Mil based is way better, all match shooters will be speaking in Mil language and also shortcut wind cheat holds much easier to figure in your head with mils
  7. Any of you guys waiting on Hancock rifles ever receive them?
  8. Get one that works reliably you will get used to the timing of it. All of them work I have tried all 3 lengths personally prefer the mid length
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