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  1. I think USPSA should move the Nationals to different venues. As long as a range will except the match it should be moved every year. This will allow people from different regions to attend if they don't want to travel far for a match. Share the wealth. Unfortunately I will not attend the match this year in Florida. That is a long trip from California. I did like it in Vegas because I could drive to the matches. I will be patient and see where the match is in 2020.
  2. Hopefully Denise and JJ will keep us posted on this issue. I have attended this match for over a decade. It is the best range in all of 3 gun and hopefully the match will come back in 2019 or at least 2020!
  3. Does anyone know why the match was cancelled? I was disappointed the match was cancelled. Also how they went about it. They should have sent an e mail through practiscore. I didn't find out till like September 14, 2018. I don't do Facebook and have to use my wife's account. I was checking for a round count and saw it was cancelled. I had to scramble and cancel plane tickets, rental car and motels. Has anyone received the match fee refund? I have not received mine yet.
  4. I am also trying to get information about this match. If you go to the 2018 Big Match calendar thread you can click on the Fort Sill Match. It takes you to Facebook which I don't do. I guess I will have to use my wife's account! I am not affiliated with this match but I have some information for you. You can register sometime in April not sure of the exact day. That is what I am trying to find out as well. It is a two day match with 8 stages on September 15 - 16 at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. The 2017 match was a one day 6 stage match that people talked very highly about. I am very interested in going to this match so I hope they put out some more information. Good luck.
  5. Is there a round count? Or a projected round count? I saw the 2016 round count on the website. Will have to mail ammo out. Thanks.
  6. Do you have a round count or projected round count? Can we shoot OO buck? Do you need OO buck?
  7. Nice Pop Tart gun. I think some kid got expelled from school for that!! So be careful flashing that baby!
  8. Mega Mind how did you get your COM holster?
  9. I ordered a COM holster in December of 2015 right after shooting the Fort Benning Match. In 2016, I switched from tactical to open division. I was using an Arredondo holster for open and wanted a little more protection for my open gun. The first thing COM did was charge my credit card. After a couple of months, I attempted to reach out to COM and received numerous excuses on why I had not received my holster. I shot Superstition Mountain 3gun, the Nationals and next month I will be shooting Rocky Mountain 3 gun with my Arredondo holster. Next month might be interesting in the natural terrain match! I chose COM because a couple of my buddies have COM holsters and speak highly of the holster. Evidently the original owner was a good guy but the new owner is not on the level. Now I am hearing the website is down and the phone has been disconnected. Very disappointed I was ripped off by COM because the shooting world should stick together and not screw each other over.
  10. I run a Bladetech holster in 3 gun tactical. I shoot a 6 inch STI 2011. It works well for all the running around but you have to tighten the retention screw like PatriotMRD said. For Open 3 Gun I am currently running an Arredondo holster.
  11. Denise when will the sign ups begin? If I remember January or February? I am trying to plan my 2016 shooting year. Thanks.
  12. Can we use OO buckshot at the match? For the Spinners or anything else?
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