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  1. Thanks Guys! I saw this thread just in time to snag two Atlas sides for a great price! Last day of the sale!
  2. Please elaborate why USA is a "sh*%hole" for 3 gun?
  3. You cannot drive up to the bays. I recommend a cart!
  4. USA is only an hour or so from Orlando. Super easy to fly in and out of and not hard to find a cheap flight.
  5. I also shot the pro-am. Great match put on by some great people! Yes, Rockcastle is an amazing facility. You are talking about a completely different "flavor" of match though. USPSA matches are inherently bay style matches. I could be wrong and someone please correct me if I am but I don't think there has ever been a completely natural terrain USPSA match. I do know some folks prefer one over the other. I personally like both. While I enjoy the physical challenge of a terrain match I also enjoy the fast and furious stages at a bay match!
  6. There are several clubs that host 3 gun matches all over Florida. Im sure you could hit one or more prior to this match for a warm up before hand. Besides USA in Frost Proof you have Shoot GTR in Gainesville, Ancient City in St Augustine, Port Malabar Rife and Pistol Club in Palm Bay, Manatee Gun Club in Myakka City (Tampa). All have monthly 3 gun matches. Check out their websites for dates!
  7. No doubt, and if Pete is hosting it your gonna have a killer match regardless of the format. I haven't shot Benning yet but I've heard nothing but positive. Its for sure a bucket list match for me. You gotta be quick to sign up though!!
  8. I totally agree. Moving a nationals match around gives people like yourself the opportunity to participate. Not everyone can or will travel across the country to shoot. On the other hand there are probably only a handful of ranges that can or want to host a match of that magnitude. So, there are regions that will probably never host one.
  9. Is no one willing to step up and host the area matches? Is it possible the creation of the UML has anything to do with the move? It's pure speculation, but why have your National championship at a club where your format is no longer supported. Honestly, I have no idea. I am glad it will be in Florida, but I understand why some are not. If it moves back west in 2020 I will not be upset. I may even shoot it. I have only been to pro gun club once. I think it's a great facility and I'm very much looking forward to Surefire in a few months!
  10. AF is pretty spot on. Id expect to pay $250-$400 for this match. Registration is not open yet. They just announced the venue.
  11. Do you feel the multi-gun nationals shouldn't move around like the pistol nationals! Last year I shot the iron sight nationals in Utah. This year its in Florida. This year multi-gun nationals were in Nevada. Next year they are in Florida. I am not from the west coast. Are there not Area multi-gun matches like Area pistol matches out there? For instance, this years Area 6 multi-gun championship was held at...… Universal Shooting Academy!
  12. Defiantly, there is no doubt USA can handle a large match. I agree, the facility will limit the number of long range stages. I imagine there will be at least one long range stage though. We shoot to 400yds regularly at the monthly match there. I believe it will be a faster pace match with some technical challenges. You're right, prepare for a difficult match!
  13. So, it was announced this week that the 2019 Sig Sauer USPSA Multi-gun National Championship will be held April 3-7th at Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof Florida. I for one am ecstatic that it is coming to USA. I feel like Shannon and the USA crew will build a great match. Most of the comments on social media are negative regarding the match leaving Vegas. What's your thoughts?
  14. 6-10 super lucky that Manny Bragg and Gorka Ibanez started running matches at my local club. They hold two matches during the week and hold at least one on a weekend every month. There are also two other Saturday matches at my local club for a total of three Saturday uspsa matches a month. I also travel within 2hrs to other clubs for locals as well as travel for majors.
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