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  1. I have two Vibra Primes, they work very well with CCI, Federal, Remington and S&B. Winchester worked but were a tiny bit fussier (but don't use Winchester anymore so it doesn't really matter to me). I never get flipped primers.
  2. Large Akro bins (30240), stackable, available in colors, inexpensive, easy to access.
  3. You can't do all of that in station #1. Priming occurs on station #2.
  4. Shoot the Hornady 75gr HPBT MATCH ammo before you get too critical. I'd also recommend you buy a box of Federal Premium Gold Medal Ammunition 223 Remington 77 Grain and shoot four groups with it.
  5. Because they are probably assuming you are averting the laws of Massachusetts and they don't want to be a party to it (and/or your shipping address doesn't match your billing address which is also a red flag).
  6. I do the same as Steve, I haven't felt the need to use water to increase the separation of the pins. I spin for about 30 seconds, reversing direction a few times and rarely do I find any pins with my brass.
  7. Good advice (on pre-cleaning the pins before first use...they also benefit from a cleaning run on occasion) and another convert.
  8. Spin them in a media separator (to separate the pins and spin off as much water as possible), put them in a bath towel and do what Steve noted above, then lay them out on the towel single layer and use another towel to pat them down. Works for me.
  9. Great results but what Steve said, use Dawn and Lemishine (I use 1 tablespoon Dawn and 1/2 teaspoon of Lemishine) and you'll be happy. I nearly bought a second one on that Amazon deal even though I really don't need two, that was a great deal.
  10. From Dillon, just the pistol dies (Dillon refers to them as "Dynamic" in reference to the snap spring decap assembly. The rifle dies are of a more traditional design, I don't see how you could do a spring loaded version with the neck sizing/expanding ball. http://www.dillonhelp.com/Dillon%20Manual%20PDFs/dillon_die_instructions_may_2007.pdf
  11. Sure they will, multiple threads in these forums complaining of that very issue.
  12. If you had ever used a Dillon pistol die, you'd know the first time you used it.
  13. I am guessing the acronym is Franford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler.
  14. What typically happens with the small pins is that two of them get stuck in the flash hole. Like this (pic found courtesy of Google):
  15. I was thinking the same thing, using Dawn and Lemishine, my softened well water and air dried, I have cases down months ago that still look like the day after they were wet tumbled.
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