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  1. First place in Modified - Benelli M2, second place in Standard - Benelli M2
  2. Ahem :) check the results. Who got the team gold in Open? Hint: not USA. Scott got only Shoot-off first place.
  3. Our Russian national team selection criteria were based on 'who can obtain gun in France despite French anti-Russian sanctions' Many of our top shooters decided not to go to the World Shoot, did not want to shoot loaned guns. French government (prime minister) allowed importation of Russian guns only two weeks before the match. But the match itself was great and the stage design fantastic.
  4. Strange that Froelich was not in USA National Team :)
  5. Used HiViz CompSight. Broke two of them. Switched to EasyHit Champion - no problem ever since.
  6. I've seen unscrewed extension tubes. That's why I run a clamp. No problem with slugs.
  7. Been to IPSC Shotgun World Shoot 2015. Supernova is massively the most popular gun, like 80-90% in all Standard Manual division. All 3 top 'Magic Finn' shooters used Supernova, about 6-7 of top 10 shooters. Benelli is definitely a good gun. As for Winchester SXP - also a good gun. I'm shooting 1300 myself. But you won't be able to open the loading port because of trigger assembly design. Not good for strong hand Load4. But it's open enough already for weak hand Load.
  8. We discussed the same question in our club and I asked Monster Finns about it. They told me that they are loading with hammer cocked, then they press the trigger when mounting the gun to unlock the action and cycle the action. When the gun is mounted it's ready to fire at first target.
  9. It's Russian belt - Dmitry Ryazantsev Generation 1 I used it for last couple of years. Now we have even better Gen2 belts -
  10. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/YpsSv3qWOzqlrWoceB96XD-8xtVllsx3eiawePSzt5t3L7dV8eOwy3VSGj5gOg_cZW_T9PeHSXxXKzh_mTHtcj79or5MSnz8Fu5gp4e_6nDwiCxfz8fTl5jjZE-f1L6L3bLadL4xXZ_v4m8rz-lha02cXUQtpOv0gu73SvL9cZ6QdIEwjGY1IEg4VuNN5Ta_KTxufqlSHYOYmbHNF-5hTEqgYPUXzv5fzm386cWtAGLEHiw2nrJsxN6LGes090cpCz1ixlMjobt3WTJaya4pm6G2Rd3TED6OFmlr3aArpVetZdQ3KEnMwOYMUNdVfhQVaA-04__vrRwpOvNC-CF7vClyz0ywgAZBpINtKDcNC-EyDI6EmmdfzyKtz8kzVWHiJNx34_Mm5Xvkh5Z8njOYH1bC7ub8Wiui_eTmm3Fs5egtxIWVzNYOk_5k9C-KfIR--nZRQQMWlBgO308zD32xCVdjXkdP-OTXtSzOjSKnUYj-e7OC7ik7lrCryp8rFLDv-J2L6jnKtMIE2yJ8B8FbpJ93J3xhubAzyEtQ2FdSfi6R2Olcfy3RMXpImqsX3fIwO_dm=w533-h946-no
  11. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ryQ8HgOKGoW17SdQMwJhNRkWoe3BdFG_ATO1D2L-PByXq3QL2n8A-KgMANk0P1yIUIv9e3sDhyxkNTU-D9xpkpbbwk7ZuIZx4eYT16-seo0vcd0PtnD8XKWITeyYZF_SeTACXYAH4VLZJzV4yqkqY4iD2XLH0YQbBd0bejPsmCljwXkdsGDfwj_YJuqDNXx7Yve4n2q4NcnBB-Uvj8t5XpmgODEthi-fwct1wGzbdq3GBClx8dyVUZoFXb29jgPXzFAE-kMvHgUjk0k3OSJ0m1esCGHIQg1n1jnwh4utbcX95oScEOC-NR30_hhJkfeWFG_JTC9kzxJki6aGtJYkZHE7wuGuNhsjC-cctd3SxN7ILrk-kqkr4SlRoTBE_O2xgJzmkqXNWn57so70IXhd5DnPjyqSVqdw2dwpEnUcOGrE5nEzIkRJ1KvYrvbPwN1XPFllWhAaxJmyLaGXPg9UHrNCHoKPaao2F2wpQ6joC6RvmtFUKnLdzpbuxYDFu37d8gb4-nIMKS5u68djR-wfY1w-PVb7f1L8RhKOa6MD8FRkmWwwi6XA-V5WOLw_Xj_30d1h=w533-h946-no
  12. Load 8 shoot 1, 2.93 seconds Pavel Orlov from Saint-Petersburg. Weak-hand loading, Remington 870.
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