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  1. TalkingMonkey

    Maintenance schedule for a Glock

    If it's a Gen 4 or earlier, I would suggest changing the slide lock spring periodically. I install a new one in my Gen 3 guns when I replace the RSA between 3k-5k rounds. It's not a part that breaks terribly often, but when it does, your slide will fly forward onto the ground and you may have trouble removing the broken bit still in the frame. I've mostly heard of this happening in G19s, but it's cheap insurance and they are easy to install. I replace all other springs around 10k rounds.
  2. TalkingMonkey

    Rifle Build Help

    Could try reinstalling your gas block using this tool to ensure alignment: UNIQUETEK - AR-15 GAS BLOCK ALIGNER
  3. HiViz Tricomp for me too. Using the green triangle pipe on my M3K.
  4. TalkingMonkey

    Slick Buttplate Anyone try Flex Seal?

    How about some Talon grip material? They sell sheets of 5"X7" and 1"X4" in either rubber or granulate that you can cut to size for your application.
  5. TalkingMonkey

    WIL: Positive Press on Junior Shooters

    My friend's son was just featured in Hometownlife.com and will have a print version of the article published in his local newspaper. It's nice to see some positive press on junior shooters!
  6. TalkingMonkey

    Shotshell carriers

    I've been running a pair of Invictus Practical Rack-12Qs this year. So far I'm really happy with them.
  7. TalkingMonkey

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    It looks like this scope is available with a couple different FireDot reticles. I haven't looked through these, but I do have a couple Mark AR scopes with the FireDot and they are definitely daylight-bright.
  8. TalkingMonkey

    Aftermarket Glock Mag Releases

    I like the Vickers Tactical mag release. It's long enough, but not so long that you will accidentally actuate it.
  9. TalkingMonkey

    Which Optic for Rimfire Rifle?

    Not yet. I'm color blind and in not sure if the red dot for us going to work for me. I just got a Holosun 510c Elite with the green reticle for my AR to use in UML Limited so I'm going to see how that works out and go from there. I appreciate all the advice on this thread.
  10. TalkingMonkey

    Glock Factory Trigger going almost full auto

    I haven’t had this problem personally as I don’t do anything to my Glock triggers, but I do know of at least two other people that have had their Glocks eventually go full auto after nothing more than polishing (or so they claim).
  11. TalkingMonkey

    Stoeger Magpul SGA adapter

    I ended up not using the SGA stock because it changed the fit of the gun too much for me. I use the 65mm shim with the factory stock and in that configuration the gun fits me well from a eye-to-bore perspective. When I put the SGA on, it seemed like I would need a 70mm shim, which, of course, doesn't exist. I did love the grip angle and the ability to adjust the length of pull - it just didn't seem to fit me well.
  12. TalkingMonkey

    Hiperfire 24c - do you use the adjustable shoe?

    I'm using it, and like the feel, but am still playing with finding the best position for it. I like it at the bottom for precision shots, but I like it a little higher for hosing (slightly less finger travel and snappier feel). Maybe the answer is to get rid of it and be free to position my finger where needed? For those of you that use it, which notch do you run it on?
  13. TalkingMonkey

    choosing 1-6 scope help

    Can you compare and contrast these two scopes? How do the glass, reticle, and eyeboxes compare? Let's assume the price is equal - is it safe to assume you would go with the PST Gen II?
  14. TalkingMonkey

    Glock shooters, do you leave the trigger stock?

    I'm using a Gen 3, 34 with the factory "-" connector. I'm pretty happy with this setup and am not willing to sacrifice reliability by using lighter striker springs.
  15. TalkingMonkey

    electrolyte supplement

    If you really just want to supplement with electrolytes and not bother with sugary drinks, I'm a fan of Hammer Endurolytes capsules.