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  1. I have shot fiber optics using both techniques and over the years i must have tried 20 times but i still prefer.plain black sights, for the reason that i shoot them better, when i can see them. Rather than compromising the simplicity of a single point of reference, the top of the front sight leveled and centered in the rear, i want to try bigger and bolder, hoping that is quicker for me. Thanks for the responses. P.D.
  2. I do to Jack, but aging is not kind. When i first started shooting i had a 1911 with millet front sight, blackedout, and an enlarged bomar rear, im guessing .140 plus width notch. I remember it being fairly easy and natural to just find the centre of tge front sight for accurate shooting. As we developed smaller front sights took over, until it became too hard to pick them up in a hurry. And fibre optic is not an option, i really dont like them after numerous attempts
  3. A few years on but any feedback on this combination? Im definitely noticing the deterioration in my vision and its time to try a different sight combination. I take brian's point about arm length and not thata ratio of 1.38 has been my sweet spot, so this combination could work for me. The question is, how does shooting such a big front sight work on small targets, partials etc? And any other observations much appreciated, Thanks P.D.
  4. Thank you for the replies, ill follow up those links and see where they lead me, and Brit, after lobbying in westminster against the1988 act, migration was the only answer back then too
  5. I never thought our piece of paradise would be compromised by the events in Christchurch, or worse, I could be so out of touch with public feeling that i would be ostracized in my own country, but i suspect that's how a lot of kiwi shooters feel right now, particularly because there hasnt been any meaningful political resistance to the firearms changes. I dont want this to be a political rant, but im wondering if the enosverse could suggest countries that might be welcoming to those of us that want to leave and continue shooting, rifle, shotgun and pistol? Thanks P.D.
  6. I'm sure you wouldn't have expected anything but a frosty response to that
  7. I have one, but prefer to load off my q8's. The 12 is bigger, by a small amount, so I wear it behind my weak hip (weak hand loading) where it has minimal impact on IPSC style stages.
  8. I put what I thought was an excellent century battery in my Volkswagen a few months ago, at the start of winter. Unfortunately I haven't started the car since, so I now have the slowest three gun battery in the world, unless I can borrow some leads, but then I would have a fairly good battery with very dubious fuel economy stats
  9. Being driven to excel had me seeking out knowledge way back then. It didn't take long to find 'beyond fundamentals', which led me to the internet and the pooling of resources and knowledge on this site. There may be a few things I have learned for myself, but what has kept the fire burning brightly, are the daily updates, innovations, thoughts and techniques from the good people on the Enos forum
  10. Once again, thanks for sharing that Pat, very useful information
  11. I run an Edge in an 014, I bought it to replace my 012 as it wasn't a multigun holster. The 014 is brilliant, gangster even, in my humble opinion
  12. I put one in my 2011 in 2001. Its still there and I love it. Its so light and delicate to touch, I have expected it to fail but obviously it hasn't yet. If it did, I'd be buying another. Its hard to describe, but I can't match the feel with a steel spring P.D.
  13. Yes, I shot call with a shotgun too. The best thing about fitting a rear sight was that it became a very familiar process, just like a pistol
  14. That was even better than last year Pat, you've been practising! Merry Christmas to the community, thanks for sharing your insight and knowledge, this is a great resource, and thanks Brian for the vision! P.D.
  15. I'm working on this skill too and find the air rifle really handy for practice. Can't say I've found a definite preference for technique, especially if following a plan cost me other opportunities, but keeping it simple and coming up from below looks good to me
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