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  1. Just called CZ USA and they said that they don’t include factory targets anymore.
  2. Just pick up my new TSO 9mm from the dealer last night. I noticed that it didn’t contain the factory target. Do they still ship with one?
  3. I bought a 2 month old one that only had two mag shot through it for $750 on Armslist. The seller also included a pelican case with it.
  4. They had me send the complete gun and 3 mags.
  5. SNS- 147grain FP, 3.2gr titegroup @ 1.125 OAL. This load worked great for my M&P and CZ shadow, but I need to find a new powder to use with my PCC as it is a pain to clean the comp.
  6. Thanks for the update. This is very disappointing.
  7. Did LF Arms go out of business? I have one of their mag releases on my 9 Pro that I use for limited and it works just fine. I am building a 40 Pro for limited and wanted another one.
  8. Being cheap, I have been using a phone app for dry fire and not using one at all during practice sessions. The apps are not sensitive enough for dry or live fire and have always had to place the phone on a desk or table and dry fire beside it for it to record anything. Yesterday, I manage to pick up a Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II for $40 brand new in the box at an estate action. But it does not do me any good right now as my house is up for sale and all of my guns and shooting equipment are at my dad’s (70 miles away). Can’t wait to start shooting and practicing again.
  9. beckham

    P320 X5 Thread

    Cabela's in Hazelwood, MO has 4 of the X5's. $899.99 each.
  10. Any updates? Was it at the NRA convention?
  11. Any word on when a 5" without the thumb safety and without the loaded chamber indicator will be available?
  12. This is great news as I have 12,000 of them. I am having problems with my M&P 9 Pro and Magtech primers (light strikes). Winchester and Federal run fine in it, but I am out of them.
  13. I have had the same problem with the dirty optic using Apex barrel. This is happening with coated SNS and Berry bullets using Titegroup. I need to try some on my loads with Solo 1000.
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