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Found 2 results

  1. So, I recently acquired an SAA with a 5 1/2" barrel. A friend of mine gave a substantial quantity of Oregon Trail Laser-Cut 200 & 250 gr RNFP bullets. I am looking for suggestions on a Cowboy/low recoil load using components (aforementioned bullets and powders below) that I already have rather than buying new. The powders that I have are Bullseye, AA#5, Zip, True Blue and Silhouette. The loads will not be for competition but for plinking, limited to a maximum of 25 yards. Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Hey everyone! I need some help, and figure someone here may have had the same issues I have had. About a year and a half ago, I went to my first local ipsc match at my friends suggestion. It's an indoor match which is great as it gets cold around here over the winter. This is kind of a long story, so if you want to skip to the part where I need help, start at paragraph 3. Anyway, i shot my first stage and did horrible. when the results were sent out, it showed I shot 14th out of 15 production shooters on that stage. After that stage, an older gentleman came up and started talking to me about ammo. When I told him I was shooting 115 grains, he hands me a mag or two worth of his ammo, and tells me to try his on the next stage. It was incredible, the bullets where hitting exactly where the dot of my front sight were pointed, and the transitions between targets (gradually getting farther away) were super quick. but the best part was that the slide was the only thing that moved. It just looked like the sights were getting closer, then moving back forward. It was like shooting a .22 out of a 9mm gun. We got to talking and he told me he's a grand master, and has been using this load a long time. He tells me it's a 147 grain bullet over 3.2 grains of titegroup. he didn't have info on the length, and said to measure the ones I had left over. I only had 1 left over, so tried that, but the gun bucked like crazy, which I then tracked down to too much crimp, which was swaging the base of the bullet. A few matches later, I ran into him again, and he gave me a few more rounds to measure. and said I may have to jump the powder up to 3.3 grains. well, two rounds were at 1.133 coal, and another at 1.126 coal. I've been chasing this load down for well over a year, and just can't hone in on it. here is the data from the bullets I pulled: coal 1.126 bullet: berrys 146.9 case w/ charge and primer: 64.5 grains crimp: .377 at case mouth case weight: 61.4 grains powder weight: 3.0 grains after settling. started at 3.2 then dropped to 3.1 then settled at 3.0 the powder did look like titegroup. coal: 1.133 berrys 145.7 case w/ charge and primer: 64.8 grains crimp: .377 at case mouth case weight:61.7 grains powder weight: 3.0 grains again, looked like titegroup Since then, i've tried every conceivable length, and still can't find that load. I've tried 1.100 1.110, 1.120, 1.130, 1.140, 1.150 but they all seem to have too much recoil to be the same load. last week at the range, I tried dropping grains, all the way down to 2.3 grains of titegroup, 1.126, but that load still had more recoil (though very light) and kind of bucked the gun again. I just don't know what to try now. It looked like the gm was shooting an m&p or a glock. I shoot a bersa thunder 9 pro, w/ 4.25 inch barrel, with polygonal rifling. in the meantime while waiting for berrys, I have also been shooting a lot of lead, and just cleaning out the barrel well, between range visits.
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