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  1. How would you describe condition? box,papers and shipping included?



  2. Does anybody make a stronger slide catch lever spring for the p320?
  3. DRobson

    P320 X5 Thread

    $849 Shipped from Smokey Mountain Guns and Ammo
  4. DRobson

    P320 X5 Thread

    Let me know in a week when you decide to sell it.
  5. Taran glock base pads fit the colt mags with a little modification. The big bad won't fit but the smaller ones fit pretty good.
  6. Use hornady one shot lube instead. It doesn't get sticky.
  7. The 2 gill steel one is the best bet. The Akai v6 middy is the best shooting 9 major gun i've felt to date.
  8. Buy the absolute best you can afford. Most of the game is mental anyways. Showing up to a match with what you think is the best of the best goes a long way.
  9. One of the best performing 9 major powders out there. It's also very dirty but that didn't bother me. Depending on the lot I was between 9.6-10gr with a 124 jhp at 1.168. This was good for 173-174pf in a fullsize gun and no holes.
  10. MrRick, If you end up liking AA7 try to buy it in 8lb jugs. It can vary a bit from lot to lot in my personal experience.
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