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  1. I have used about everything out there. Now Use Quick scrub III on metal parts and Quick scrub poly safe on the plastic parts, then lube the metal with weapons shield
  2. Has metered great on my 550, for many years
  3. I was having the same problem. Took off shell plate flipped it over and could see cracks where the case sits. Called Dillion and they replaced it. Runs like a top now.
  4. Put a 24C ECL in the MPX today, shot 200 rounds. Put the light springs in and it feels nice. I really like the SSA-E that I had in it but I don't want my trigger going south in the middle of a match. Not sure that it would of failed. It looks good after 4000 rounds. The hammer of the SSA-E was hitting the edge of the bolt and this could be a problem like what pitvpr had with the firing pin hole. Match this coming weekend, well see how the 24C and me do.
  5. Which Hyperfire are they using in the MPX?
  6. How are the after market triggers holding up in the MPX? I have Geissele SSA-E, It's still going after 3500 rounds. Would like to hear from you guys that have ELF, Hiperfire or any other triggers. My Geissele SSA-E is a great trigger but from what I have been reading it well eventual fail. Looking to get a trigger that will last. Any input would great.
  7. I took mine off before I put the c-more on. I do think that they would interfere.
  8. I put a Geissele SSA-E in my MPX. I have about 600 rounds on it and it is working great.
  9. Shot my first match today with Sig mpx,C-More with 8 moa. I like the C-More.
  10. Took the MPX out to the range. Used some hand loads that are 4.8 grs. N340, 124 gr. Bayou TCG, 1.140 OAL, 1249 FPS, Gun was reliable and very accurate.
  11. Done the push test. I'm running 3.9 gr. N320 , 1.140 OAL, 124 gr. bayou bullets =130 PF, In a cz spo1 shadow. My mistake 3.9 not 4.0. I'll run the factory ammo like you said. then give the N320 a try. Thanks
  12. I have some N320 think i'll try it with some 124 gr. My production load of 4.0 gr. of N320 was not reliable. Gun has only ran about 200 rounds. Think I'll go to 4.2 of N320 with 124 gr. Bayou bullets and see if that works.
  13. I'm looking for some load data for 124 gr. Bayou Bullets, or any loads for the Sig MPX carbine.
  14. magoo


    I run winchester small rifle now . Ran winchester small pistol for years. A buddy talked me into running the small rifle. Can't really tell any difference. Have never had a problem with Winchester primers.
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