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  1. Open vs CO are 2 different beast. Like mentioned before, Open is more about speed then accuracy. Its going to come down to what are your goals. If you just want to shoot and have fun, not worry about constantly make sure the gun and equipment are perfectly tuned and clean, stay in CO. Open is WAY more expensive in the upfront cost and on going....I shot open for about 3 years and now shoot CO. They are both fun but your focus will be different.
  2. this does explain why yo still live in your Moms basement....)
  3. Yeah, my Dad is running the DPP on this CO set up, nothing but issues. First they are shutting off, now the replacement will not hold zero..... I am running the RTS2 V4 on my CO rig, so far only had one with the flashing dot....
  4. yeah I like mine, nice gun for the price.
  5. Gunna give AA7 another try with a 124gn JHP but I still like HS6 over a 124 the best..Ill let you know.
  6. I was running 115 tho, have not tried the 124
  7. AA7 seems to be much dirtier then HS6....
  8. Have you guys seen the new magwell for the MPX by SSI? this thing is awesome! Not only does it make reloading MUCH easier but it get the grip up off the table enough for the table starts... http://www.shootingsportsinnovations.com/BOTTOM-FEEDER-MPX-Magwell-BF-MPX001.htm
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