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  1. I haven't seen anything on the match on social media. I have gone to Strongpoints website the different facebook pages and here, am I just missing something. I have registered but nothing out there past matchsignup. The match is listed under universal shooting academy frostproof but nothing there also. If I'm frig blind I'm sorry but this is unusual for Georgia state matches. I kinda like the build up of a match, the release of the match book and stuff. Whats up???
  2. When can we get a look at the match book?? just a little peak... Really looking forward to shooting the match and the match book just is one part of the FUN. Great place to shoot a match I know you guys are going to have an awesome match.
  3. I saw your gun on another post, whats special about the hyperfire 24c you are using. Not being a butt just looking to upgrade and there's way to much noise on this matter.

    1. stick


      Compatible with PCC's.  Smooth, Short single stage trigger with a good reset that's adjustable to your specific preferences.

    2. biscuit


      Thank you for getting back to me, I am going with the hyperfire 24c. I really don't care about the expense I just want it to work great. Also what do you think about optics? Lots and lots of choice, I'm wanting a clear dot scope.  Not to say i'm made of money but the time and effort that I will put into getting competitive is nothing for a couple of extra 100 if it makes a difference.

      Again thank you.

    3. stick


      On my PCC, I use a C-more Railway.  It's a red dot and not a scope.  If you want a decent scope, look at the Vortex Strike Eagle.  Depending on the discipline you're looking to get into will determine what optic you put on your gun.  Since I primarily shoot Steel Challenge and USPSA, and the longest shot is 35 yards, I prefer a red dot since I have no need for a magnified optic.  If you're planning on shooting UML, which has longer shots, a magnified optic might be the way to go.

  4. Have no advise on the\is as I don't have enough experience with a 16 inch barrel. But I'm Sorry to hear about the stint, got one but not on July 4th, I hope you are doing well and no damage. Search and you will come up with all kinds of answers on this sight as you know, go have fun and Test it.
  5. I'm with Les 135 black bullets 130 or more PF VV n320 powder.
  6. Let me start with I am new to PCC not shooting. Love competitions and practice, probably 8k rounds a year. I'm looking at a Pure Run and Gun Competition trigger, which one do you suggest? Lets not get in the weeds with all the other gun related factors just straight up 1v1. Those of you with experience with both or just one please speak-up. My experience is that I have paid a lot for trigger jobs on my pistols so I personally don't mind paying more for a ready to go trigger that holds up in PCC matches. Must hold up to a competition style practice and matches, Lots of rounds in practice. I can't afford a practice gun and match gun. PROS and CONS
  7. Oh I get what you were doing and it is appreciated. I will tell this makes me pause in posting anything like your post. Thanks Mike.
  8. Mike thank you taking time to post your thoughts on a PCC build. I'm starting to build one and I like to read what others have experienced. I do research on what shooters who use their PCC's say is good to have and I make up my own mind. But if guys like you don't lay it out there those of us who are new to the PCC world will wonder in the desert.
  9. I am switching to PCC and I am looking for a training Class/instructor for PCC. I have gone to Ben's Classes, great help, so I know the value of learning from the best. Location area is anywhere from Oklahoma to Florida and as far north as Tenn. I am open to group or individual training, I just want to do it right and develop the right habits and techniques from the get go. I have found tactical training classes but not sure that is what I want to do for PCC USPSA??? Thank you for help with this, I believe in good training and I am finding it hard to figure out who I need to go to.
  10. biscuit

    CZ newbie

    Before you buy check with IDPA. My experience is that there is some confusion at IDPA office.
  11. biscuit

    CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    I have had shadow 2 for almost 6 weeks bout 2k shot I bought it for IDPA. Trigger same as my shadow aggressive GRIPS not a fan. The back sight isn't as adjustable as the shadow. The safety gave me fits during a match as I kept flipping it on on my draw.??? Not use to the wide safety.
  12. Great working with the guys at cz-custom but searching their websites is frustrating to find parts at times.
  13. Sorry to hear about the 2 surgeries. I'm good where I am with my knee, I do best when I'm building muscle and moving the joints without a lot of stress like biking. Stem cell was good for me as I really wasn't in a place where I could deal with rehabbing after knee replacement. To much responsibility in my business right now in my life.
  14. 6 months out and I'm happy with the results, perfect heck no but I'm able to do hard spin classes and heavy leg presses. I had to back off Stressing my knees for about 8 weeks after the procedure. I went from not being able to walking without a limp To being competitive in 1 state and area match this spring. Just need to keep losing weight and building muscle. I have 2 more years now before a new knee in that time new procedures for knee replacement are coming. One is leaving most of your muscle which is super important. Thanks for the input.
  15. I have slots available for the Skills and Drills class March 21-22, 2016. The Fundamentals class on March 19-20 may have 1 slot open. This will be great training before area 6 in late April.
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