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  1. Still happens, but not every time. I see it in all of my email clients.
  2. It's what SJC recommends, the powder that is.
  3. 7.3 WSF behind 124gr Montana Gold CMJ at 1.15 COAL. 173pf.
  4. Thanks, Brian. Just to confirm, it's still broken. Cheers.
  5. Yes, I had that problem last evening and figured it was TapaTalk, so I killed the app and used browser access. I just checked. It's still doing it this morning. The message is "Log In Failed" with a ton of html. TKH
  6. Yes to both of your first questions. If you have a 550/650 strong mount, it will play. If you have a bullet tray on the strong mount, it will work too. I put a case feeder on my 550. I liked it, but it was 'fiddly'. If you go the 650 route, do add the case feeder. You'll not regret it. It is not the same as the 550.
  7. If you've got the real estate to keep the 550, I'd do it. I don't. I thought seriously about a 650 when I bought my 550 in 2011. I was afraid of the progressive aspect, so I did the 550. 4 years later, I added a case feeder to the 550. It's an add on that is twitchy at best. I got a great deal on a 650 with case feeder and was really happy with it. Then I started shooting revolver and needed deep primer insertion. The "push" seating with the 650 never got me what I wanted. I've since replaced it with a used 1050 which seats on the down stroke. Because of space constraints, the 550 and 650 have been sold for at least 80% of Dillon new. The 650 caliber changes are simple compared to the 1050. I'd had have stuck with the 650, if not for the primer seating. It's a great press. Had I the space, I'd have a 650 and the 1050.
  8. zzz - your experience replicates mine! Except that I only got about 10 seconds before the comp was un movable. After I got it apart and cleaned everything up, I used a *very* small shot of the primer. The amine in the primer is the culprit. Too much and the 272 becomes like concrete!
  9. Oh! Now I see it. Had to use a bigger screen. That's really clever.
  10. My "foo" is apparently not working and I can't see a zip tie in the picture. A little help?
  11. I have an SJC G17 that I just re- loctited my comp because it had clocked to the right. Try as I might, I couldn't get it exactly straight. Not to worry about that. It previously worked worked fine, but it kept creeping farther. We'll see how the new loctite holds!
  12. Larry, I don't mean to be obtuse, but it's kind of nice to see ICORE match announcements here, because it means I don't have to wade through all the non-ICORE match announcements in the Match Announcements thread. After all, they're pretty few and far between. That said, I'm not one to post announcements, just see them. Thanks. Tom
  13. Great suggestion. I'll give it a try.
  14. Has any ever asked Dillon about making an undersize decapping die? *Rant On* I ended up swapping out my Dillon 9mm resizing/decapping die for an EGW U-die. Yes, it' Glocked range brass. If a piece of brass is slightly misaligned in station 1 on my 650, the pin just slides up. It doesn't seem to matter how tight the collet is. I've never had this problem with the Dillon die. Misaligned and there's real resistance on the downstroke, not to mention the visual indicator of the circlip that holds the decapping pin being raised from the body of the die. Can you guess how much I hate the decapping pin and its positioning method? Can I tell you how much I miss the click of the spring-loaded Dillon resize/decap die? *Rant Off* Sure wish they'd consider it!
  15. I'm using 3.4 N320 with Bayou 160s and CCI Small rifle primers. I'm running 38 Short Colt in a TRR8. Hope this helps. Tom
  16. So, be very careful until it turns into muscle memory. *muscle memory!
  17. That would be cool, but probably expensive to pull off.
  18. It's been three weeks now. Any word from Tapatalk?
  19. I have acquired Loctite SF 7649 primer and Loctite 620 to use on my comp. I'll degrease with acetone and then prime. 620 has the highest temperature spec that I found. EGW is out-of-stock on the alignment reamer, so that's the pacing item. I'm going to hold off on set screws until I try this combination.
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