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  1. CCI SRP for me, too.
  2. Best upgrade I did to my 650 was to replace it with a Super 1050. I’ve never looked back. Swager, prime on the downstroke and bullet feeder are worth the price of admission!
  3. Got a pair 40 minutes ago. Timestamped 17:39 and 17:40. Was WTS Akai SS in .40 from ktm300. Hope this helps.
  4. Got three copies of one after I saw your post. TKH
  5. Hey, I resemble that remark. [emoji16]
  6. I run N320 in my revolver. Burns well, and the cylinder stays amazingly cool.
  7. Brian, I've been keeping duplicates for some time now. Should I hang on to them or let them go?
  8. I cannot confirm your report. It appears to be working correctly from my Mac using Chrome and thru TapaTalk on my iPad. What are you using to access the forum?
  9. Yes, 12:34 today. Both have the same time stamp. Want me to forward them?
  10. Brian, I've just resent the two I sent on 9/22 as well as a duplicate from this evening. In all cases, the email address was just as you listed in you forum post: mstridgen@invisionpower.com They came from my forum registered email address. Someone isn't really paying attention...
  11. I sent him two also. The curious thing is (for me anyway) that it doesn't always happen.
  12. Still happens, but not every time. I see it in all of my email clients.
  13. It's what SJC recommends, the powder that is.
  14. 7.3 WSF behind 124gr Montana Gold CMJ at 1.15 COAL. 173pf.
  15. Thanks, Brian. Just to confirm, it's still broken. Cheers.
  16. Yes, I had that problem last evening and figured it was TapaTalk, so I killed the app and used browser access. I just checked. It's still doing it this morning. The message is "Log In Failed" with a ton of html. TKH
  17. Yes to both of your first questions. If you have a 550/650 strong mount, it will play. If you have a bullet tray on the strong mount, it will work too. I put a case feeder on my 550. I liked it, but it was 'fiddly'. If you go the 650 route, do add the case feeder. You'll not regret it. It is not the same as the 550.
  18. If you've got the real estate to keep the 550, I'd do it. I don't. I thought seriously about a 650 when I bought my 550 in 2011. I was afraid of the progressive aspect, so I did the 550. 4 years later, I added a case feeder to the 550. It's an add on that is twitchy at best. I got a great deal on a 650 with case feeder and was really happy with it. Then I started shooting revolver and needed deep primer insertion. The "push" seating with the 650 never got me what I wanted. I've since replaced it with a used 1050 which seats on the down stroke. Because of space constraints, the 550 and 650 have been sold for at least 80% of Dillon new. The 650 caliber changes are simple compared to the 1050. I'd had have stuck with the 650, if not for the primer seating. It's a great press. Had I the space, I'd have a 650 and the 1050.
  19. zzz - your experience replicates mine! Except that I only got about 10 seconds before the comp was un movable. After I got it apart and cleaned everything up, I used a *very* small shot of the primer. The amine in the primer is the culprit. Too much and the 272 becomes like concrete!
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