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  1. I have one. It is a replacement for one that would turn off after a shot or two. Sadly, the replacement does the same. No battery life problems because it won't stay on!
  2. Lost count of the 180 infractions! )
  3. I had exactly your problem on my 650. Turned out the crimp die had backed out just a little. I reset it and recrimped about 500 rounds. Works like a champ now.
  4. tkheard


    I've used Tula SPP, 1000 of them, with no issues. Currently using CCI 400?, SRP; again, no issues.
  5. I started on a 550. Loaded 9mm and 45 on it for three years. Good place to start. I upgraded to a 650 three months ago and wish I'd started there.
  6. I had an FFIII on my open Glock, frame mounted, and it would go off on its own. Usually after the first shot or two on a stage. Burris replaced it with a new one, but it does the same thing. Not impressed.
  7. My bad. I should have said "blue rectangle" for the subscribed forums. Blue dot on threads within a subscribed topic work fine.
  8. I'm using TapaTalk. Used to get a blue dot for subscribed forums. Since the rehosting they've been missing. Anyone else, or is it just me?
  9. Erick85 gets the win! It was the ejector wire, barely touching, but enough to stop the cam on forward motion to place a case. Needs a little "engineerin" on my part. Thanks for the insight.
  10. Still happening. Can't log in via TT
  11. Loading som .38 Short Colt this afternoon. About 150 into it and the Casefeed Cam( #1 on the parts schematic) would no longer push the case into the shell plate. A gentle push would move it forward to set the case. Feels like it's binding. I can't see any debris or fouling. Any ideas before I take it apart? I'm still such a noob on the 650, so be gentle! Tom
  12. Sarge, what did you use for the "funnel" on the live primer chute? Looks promising.
  13. Don't know about conscious, but BE mentions that he noticed using he was using different places based on shot difficulty and need for speed. It's in his "Practical Shooting" book. I'll look up the spot, if you're interested.
  14. You will absolutely love the 650. You'll also wonder why you waited so long.
  15. I'm running an SJC G3 G17. 124 MG in front of 7.2 WSF yielding 173 PF. I'm using a 14# recoil spring. No issues unless I bring Minor ammo to the match. Did that once; never again!
  16. A brief update: I saw a post (somewhere else) where a fellow used electrical tape and made a flexible extended rim around the spent primer bucket. I've done another 200 without a primer taking an excursion. Cheap and, thus far, effective. We'll see how it works over the long haul.
  17. I loaded 500 minor PF 9mm today. It was fun and I learned a lot. Now to my observations: I loaded primers first. Of course! Turns out the first tube I loaded didn't have the clip on the blue end. Yes you guessed it, I flipped it over and suddenly had 100 primers in my lap and all over the place. Lesson learned! I'm having trouble getting my head around the idea that I never used that tube before in 5+ years of loading on my 550. I think I understand why the unused primer thingy is called a "ski jump". Because of case feeder issues (more later), I had about a dozen that went there. At least half of them went flying. The mod to collect them in a jar is now on the list of upgrades. The primer collection bucket missed more primers than I ever had on my 550. Another upgrade coming soon! The case feeder is so much better than the 550, but it has its own issues. Apparently, I don't get all of my cleaning media off, or at least not enough. I've got a good amount of corn cob In the bottom of the collator. This also extended to the case magazine that was covered in junk. It also made its way to the oscillating piece (I should have looked up the name of the part) and built up enough to obstruct it's free motion. Another lesson learned. Another thing to watch! I did have one upside down case that I actually caught before I did something stupid. Again, something to watch. All that notwithstanding, I love this machine! A significant improvement over the 550. I'm so glad I upgraded. BTW, the 550 has found a new home. I hope it's new owner enjoys it as much as I did. It's good to bleed blue!
  18. Talk to Sig CS today. Said it would be "weeks" to get it back. Rep did say "try some loctite until you can send it in". I will, but sheesh!
  19. I have some green locatite, so I'll try that. Thanks, guys!
  20. I went to the range yesterday to get a little practice in before the SS Nationals in two weeks. I couldn't hit the A zone with any reliability. So I started to look at where I was sighted and where my hits were. "Left" was the answer. I spent time adjusting the rear sight to compensate. Long story short, I got it back to the A zone, but the rear sight was WAY off to the right. It worked. Got back to practice and all was good. So, I decided today that a good cleaning was in order. But, then I noticed the front sight was offset to the right as well. Makes sense from what happened yesterday. Then I pushed (with one finger) the front sight to the left and it snapped back to center. Pushed the other way and it snapped to the right. But, not beyond it, like to the left of center. So, my question is, what do I do to "fix" it so it's not moveable? Obviously, I don't have the luxury of time to have Sig fix it! Thanks, Tom
  21. Disclaimer first: I have Max in .45 It is tight, runs like a top, and far more accurate than I am. I did clip a half coil from the mag release. It was really stiff. It is a perfect setup for me; I'm really glad I took the plunge. I talked to Max at the Alabama Sectional and asked if he'd change anything. He said, "Nope, it's a joy to shoot."
  22. I'm going to start with a 327 TTR8, running Short Colt. Should be fun!
  23. Just an observation: I have a 550. It's totally stock. When doing 9mm, small primers, I get 5% that miss the cup. I was loading large primer 45ACP the other day for 300 rounds and only had 1 miss the cup. I'm wondering if the small problem is their size/mass when they get decapped?
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