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  1. Hardware store had them. 3 for .20 ea. I'm good.
  2. Like a dummy, I popped the circlip off the decapping die and (of course) I can't find it now. Anyone know what size it is? Plan B is to take the decapping assembly to the hardware store. Thanks, Tom
  3. A very BE perspective that I'm just beginning to comprehend.
  4. I have an SJC G17 that I've shot in 8 or 9 USPSA matches over the last 4 or 5 months. Last weekend, on the second to last stage, I actually enjoyed it, and found the dot without any problem. Before that I was constantly searching for it. I had a 4.2 HF on that stage, which was an epiphany to me. I'll keep on going with it; it's not at all like shooting irons! I also have to up the rest of my game. Open makes you have everything working well, not just adequately. Hang in there!
  5. Nice work, Chris! I did a similar to select a press and justify it to my better half. Thanks, tom.
  6. @rowdyb - I am incredibly farsighted with a significant astigmatism. For everyday, I have progressive lenses, but they're awful for shooting. My doc suggested doing lined bifocals for shooting, with my non dominant lens normal, but doing the dominant with 1 diopter less than my reading correction in the main section and making it up in the reading section. This was for USPSA "normal" shooting so I could actually see the front sight. It has worked well for me. The bonus, I've found, is with rifle and prone. With the main lens (without progressive), any part of the upper works as it does for normal paper and steel. Like I said, works for me. YMMV.
  7. Nice job. I showed my wife and she said, "Do we need to look for an armoire for you?" I'm currently set up on top of a Craftsman tool chest lower. Works great but I think she liked the "out of sight" aspect of yours.
  8. @Wayne - Was your comment about not being competitive in open made toward the Gen 1 Glock, or towards open Glocks in general?
  9. For me, shooting single-stack and production, my support had almost always comes off -- because I'm doing g a mag change!
  10. How about using your support hand for the safety? I end up doing that on my 1911 when I didn't get it off earlier.
  11. Thanks for posting this. I see lots of things to work on. He's awesome and older than me!
  12. I have great distance vision, astigmatism, and my arms have gotten very short. I wear bifocals (progressive) full time. My optometrist adjusted my dominant eye to have my reading prescription less 1 diopter in the main lens so I can focus on the front sight. The readings lens has an adjustment so it is full strength. The non-dominant is like my regular glasses. I have insert lenses for my Rudys with lined bifocals. I love them. When I first put them on, I'm a little wobbly for about a minute and then the brain adjusts to them. The doc told me that he's done a similar set for the sheriff. I couldn't be happier. Well, if I could shoot faster, it would be great, but glasses won't help that...
  13. Green is usually for seating bearings. Red is way hi temp.
  14. Dillon section is where it show up for me. *And* I don't do glocktalk. Ever. I'm beginning to think it is a "feature" of Tapatalk.
  15. I'm getting an ad for the truck that shows up every few days. I'm reading via tapatalk; maybe that's why I see it.
  16. I am quite farsighted and have used reading glasses for 40 years. In my last eye visit, I mentioned that I was having trouble with front sight focus. I can see the target just fine, but the sights are a blur. My doc suggested a 1.5 diopter add in the dominant eye main lens. He said he's been doing it for a couple of sheriff's deputies for a while. I was concerned that I'd have difficulty moving around, but I have to say it takes only about a minute for my brain to figure out how to deal with it. I love being able to see the front sight clearly.
  17. First thing I did was to disconnect the Operating Rod so I could move the primer slide by hand. There were two sticky spots: one just forward of the primer pickup point (the worst) and the other about halfway through the travel of the primer slide. Pulled the bolts and found all sorts of grunge on the slide. I cleaned all the crud up and re-polished the slide and track. Reassembled and it works like it's supposed to. Now all I have to do is figure out where the gunk came from. Thanks for your suggestions. This really was pilot error.
  18. It's definitely not the rod. It falls free and can be a real pain. The suggestion of making sure the bar is free moving is where I'll start. It seemed so simple... I'll post what I find.
  19. OK, I must have done something dumb, but I don't know what it was. When I changed from the small primer bar after loading 9mm to large for 45ACP, I decided I should do the clean and polish thing before installing. Alcohol wiped the area and plastic and then polished the bottom of the primer bar with a scotchbrite. Installed it and it's horrible. The bar sticks so much that the return spring doesn't have enough oomph to pull it back. I had to use my left thumb to push it back past the sticky spot. I've got the bolts so loose that alignment with the hole in the ram sometimes doesn't match. I thought about adding some lubricant (like graphite), but wasn't convinced that it wouldn't be worse. What'd I do wrong or leave out? I'm stumped...
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