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  1. I have great distance vision, astigmatism, and my arms have gotten very short. I wear bifocals (progressive) full time. My optometrist adjusted my dominant eye to have my reading prescription less 1 diopter in the main lens so I can focus on the front sight. The readings lens has an adjustment so it is full strength. The non-dominant is like my regular glasses. I have insert lenses for my Rudys with lined bifocals. I love them. When I first put them on, I'm a little wobbly for about a minute and then the brain adjusts to them. The doc told me that he's done a similar set for the sheriff. I couldn't be happier. Well, if I could shoot faster, it would be great, but glasses won't help that...
  2. Green is usually for seating bearings. Red is way hi temp.
  3. Dillon section is where it show up for me. *And* I don't do glocktalk. Ever. I'm beginning to think it is a "feature" of Tapatalk.
  4. I'm getting an ad for the truck that shows up every few days. I'm reading via tapatalk; maybe that's why I see it.
  5. I am quite farsighted and have used reading glasses for 40 years. In my last eye visit, I mentioned that I was having trouble with front sight focus. I can see the target just fine, but the sights are a blur. My doc suggested a 1.5 diopter add in the dominant eye main lens. He said he's been doing it for a couple of sheriff's deputies for a while. I was concerned that I'd have difficulty moving around, but I have to say it takes only about a minute for my brain to figure out how to deal with it. I love being able to see the front sight clearly.
  6. First thing I did was to disconnect the Operating Rod so I could move the primer slide by hand. There were two sticky spots: one just forward of the primer pickup point (the worst) and the other about halfway through the travel of the primer slide. Pulled the bolts and found all sorts of grunge on the slide. I cleaned all the crud up and re-polished the slide and track. Reassembled and it works like it's supposed to. Now all I have to do is figure out where the gunk came from. Thanks for your suggestions. This really was pilot error.
  7. It's definitely not the rod. It falls free and can be a real pain. The suggestion of making sure the bar is free moving is where I'll start. It seemed so simple... I'll post what I find.
  8. OK, I must have done something dumb, but I don't know what it was. When I changed from the small primer bar after loading 9mm to large for 45ACP, I decided I should do the clean and polish thing before installing. Alcohol wiped the area and plastic and then polished the bottom of the primer bar with a scotchbrite. Installed it and it's horrible. The bar sticks so much that the return spring doesn't have enough oomph to pull it back. I had to use my left thumb to push it back past the sticky spot. I've got the bolts so loose that alignment with the hole in the ram sometimes doesn't match. I thought about adding some lubricant (like graphite), but wasn't convinced that it wouldn't be worse. What'd I do wrong or leave out? I'm stumped...
  9. It's a great machine. Had mine about a year also and load 9 & 45; easy changeover, rock-solid performance. Enjoy.
  10. I think you can have a 550 as your only press. Seems like that's what you had before.
  11. My wife has always been left eye dominant. Microscope, camera, telescope, etc. She's always been right handed. Thirty years ago, she had an accident that had her right hand immobilized for 6 weeks. She was a PhD student working in a lab and attending classes, so she taught herself to write left-handed. When she took up shooting, she had trouble with the cross dominance/handedness and decided to try it left handed. Her experience was like yours Kmaultsby, nice tight group where she wanted it. It has spawned a lot of conversation in our house. At this point, we're pretty convinced that she should have been left-handed. She's also changed over to left-handed when fly fishing; it was an amazing change.
  12. I've looked through the archives and haven't found this topic, so I'm going to guess that the answer is 'No'. I pick-up brass from our range whatever gets left behind. I'm steadily growing my SPP 45ACP inventory. I'd guess it's about 2/3 the size of the LP collection. Can SP brass be reamed out to LP and be safe?
  13. THis may be a silly noob question. I am fairly new to reloading and have a 550 set up for 9mm and 45ACP. There's a guy in our club that shoots 45ACP. His brass is always left behind. He's using military ammo with crimped primer pockets. What does it take to remove the crimp and be able to use it for reloading? Is it worthwhile to use this stuff? Thanks for your information and thoughts.
  14. Out of 100 45ACP, I had two "crooked" primers and one flipped primer. I think the crooked ones are about shell plate alignment. I'm guessing that the ball isn't centered in its detent, but off-center in the direction of rotation. I'm pretty sure the tension on the shell plate is about as good as it gets. As far the two shells, I can pop the primers out and re-use them. The flipped one has me stumped. I am absolutely sure that they were all faced the same way (shiny up) when I picked them up with the pickup tube. Somehow, one decided to flip. I can live with that, I suppose. I didn't discover this one until I was inspecting the completed cartridges. I've pulled the bullet & recycled the powder. Any safe way to get that backwards primer out? Thanks. Tom
  15. I have a 550B. I have a Craftsman 4-drawer rolling tool chest. I built up the top with 1-1/2" of plywood and set nut plates in it. Only challenge was finding an appropriate length screw since I didn't want to drill the top. The wheel locks seem to do a good job for me; chocks for the wheels would be better. The drawers give me places to keep supplies, tools, and parts. I mounted my toolhead holder on the back corner for the set not in use. Works well for me, but I'm still a noob at this.
  16. I've had my 550B for a few months now and have gotten pretty comfortable with it. My throughput rate has been pretty low. 100 rds 9mm in 45 minutes. That hasn't really bothered me because I'm still being very careful to "check everything" with each pull of the handle. When I set up my press, I set the power funnel to bell the cases per the manual. It worked fine with the first batch of bullets that I had. I switched to Berry's plated 147gn and had to "steady" the bullet into the seating die. Yesterday, I had a "well, you dummy!" moment. It dawned on me that I should adjust the powder funnel down just a touch to increase the bell for the bullets. I know, I should have thought of that before. So I've moved from less than 150/hour to right at 300/hour with that change. Yes I'm still checking each station before pulling the handle. And, no more worries about pinched fingers as the ram rises!
  17. Hello, On some of the cartridges I've reloaded, once in a while when lowering the ram, it seems to want to stop. If I pull the lever up a bit harder it comes free. I've looked at alignment, the primer feed, etc. I *think* it may be coming from station 2. It doesn't happen very often and it never seems to happen if I'm loading a single cartridge at a time. Any hints or suggestions? Thanks Tom
  18. Took the puller outside and used the concrete patio; took two strikes and the bullet separated from the case. I'd been using a wood block and it was (apparently) making the impact a little too gentle. On the other hand, it was my bad entirely on the "won't chamber" part. The ejector was hanging up on the case rim. Once I let the slide close naturally, it worked fine. Color me embarrassed!
  19. I just got some Zero 147gr FMJ in 9mm. I set one in an empty case to start adjusting the dies on my 550B. The resulting COAL is too long. It drops in the case gauge just fine, but will not chamber, so the dies need to go down. Got that part. Being the usual CB, I wanted to take it apart, adjust the dies and repeat until I get it where I want it. Simple, right? I put the empty cartridge with bullet seated in my kinetic puller. I've go at least 20 strikes and it doesn't seem to have moved. It doesn't want to come out. I know I can destroy the case and the bullet to get it apart. My concern is with actual firing: if it's so tight now, what happens when the power gets lit? Thanks, Tom
  20. The NROI site is a bit confusing. I'd appreciate any clarification because I mistakenly (I think) thought that CRO was how you were qualified to be an RO!
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