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  1. As of today, the problem still exists. I am using Tapatalk on an iPad, with most recent iOS.
  2. I use skateboard tape, careful surface prep and a little heat followed by forming with my hand.
  3. Great first time out. Hope you're hooked.
  4. I posed the set screw question to SJC. Their response follows: Set screws will tilt the comp and can lead to baffle strikes. Use "272 loctite it is red but its also high temp. Also make sure your degreaser is actually a degreaser. Some products that cut oil actually leave an oily residue. Last, torque applied to a hot comp by a holster barrel nipple can sometimes lead to comp clocking. I've had this problem on both the 5-port and the 11-port. On the 11-port, the clocking showed up at the first match. I used red loctite on both. Seems like it clocks when it gets hot and I'm shooting fast. I'll look for 948 and try it. We'll see how it performs. TKH
  5. Could be done, but would require only one case type. If mixed, the variability of manufacture would be a nightmare without knowing what manufacturer was in the view.
  6. I have a 327/TRR8 and TK moonclips work just fine.
  7. Thanks to Tenjeep and Youngeyes work, I got mine installed tonite. Don't have the space that Youngeyes does, so it's a bit crowded, but it will work just fine. Especially when I put the MBF on it! Not nearly as much room as some of you, but it works. Detail of the camera mount: 2mm tapped hole works great!
  8. Am I the only Tapatalk user that find this somewhat annoying?
  9. Since the forum has relocated, we've lost a feature in the Tapatalk realm. For subscribed sub-forums, there is a page that lists all you have subscribed to and you can tap on the entry and view the top of that sub-forum. On the "Subscribed" page, to the left of each sub-forum name there is a circle with a checkmark in it. (see my attached screenshot) Before the forum moved, the circle/checkmark would be blue for any sub-forums that had new/unread content. Since the move, the color remains gray. I have no idea what might be involved to repair this. I know the feature still works on other forums. And yes, I know that the plural should be 'fora'.
  10. You might look at SJC's 5-port comp. I shot both major and minor with it using WSF. Don't remember the minor load, but I'm using 7.2 and 124gr MG and it works the comp just fine. The arrow is good; if I could just get the Indian to do his part...
  11. It seems I have log in each day. Not a huge pain, since Tapatalk keeps my credentials, but...
  12. I have Hogue Big Butt on my 327 TRR8 and really like them.
  13. I have dedicated toolheads for the three calibers I load. Makes it *really* simple. [emoji4]
  14. I put an S&A arched magwell on mine. Piece of cake and does the job.
  15. I have a Sig Max in .45. It is awesome. Had an issue with the front sight becoming in-staked. Sig CS handled it swiftly and without drama.
  16. I'm running 7.2 WSF behind 124 MG in a G17 SJC. Works great.
  17. It is in the setup notes at the bottom.
  18. It is clearly defined in the WSB.
  19. OK, just to stir the pot: why shouldn't a P220 SAO be allowed in SS? It isn't a 1911, but all the rest of the criteria are met...
  20. I have Starline 38 Short Colt. Moons from TK Custom, fit for Starline brass. Works great!
  21. I moved from a 550B to a 650 a few months ago. It is nirvana for me. The only addition I'd make to my 650 is an MBF. I recently loaded 1000 9mm on it in a single session. I was still pretty new to it and had zero problems. I liked the 550B, but I love my 650. I also load 45 and 38 Short Colt. Switching is a breeze. Case feed is rock solid. YMMV, but a 1050 was out of my league, at least for know.
  22. In our club, with 8-shot, we have 4 new revo shooters; didn't have any before.
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