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  1. I'm telling you, try WSF. It works really well!
  2. I have prescription inserts for my Rudys. I had my dominant eye main lens adjusted to focus on the front sight. Non-dominant is for distance, with reader half-moons in the lower. They work great for iron sights. I've been shooting Open for a year, and it doesn't work well. The dot is in focus but the target is not. I've gone to wearing my prescription sunglasses instead. Works much better for me, but I've still got a solid lock on D-class in Open.
  3. 173.5 using 124 MG CMJ with 7.1 WSF behind it. I shoot an SJC Open Glock 17. 5 port comp.
  4. This is my setup. I have a 550 with case feeder. It isn't wiggle free, but it works for me. The cabinet holds all the parts and my reloading components. Cheers!
  5. I have an SJC G17 and run major with 7.2 WSF behind MG 125 CMJ making 171PF. I have the Micro mount (upright) and have almost no problems. An FTE occasionally, but overall it runs great. I wish I was as good as the gun!
  6. I have custom ear mold plugs and wear electronic muffs when shooting my open G17 major *and* being RO for other open guys and gals. Once your hearing is damaged, it won't get better!
  7. I have an SJC Open G17. I built it from the "home build" kit using a lower that had already been used for one. It has the micro mount and I have a Burris FF-III on it, running the 14# recoil spring. I'm running 124gr MG CMJ with 7.2gr of WSF. Runs like a champ. Ejection is not a problem. All in all, it's been a great way to get into Open. Glad I did it. Tom
  8. I ran 4.8 of 7625 with 124gr Zero CMJ that made 130PF. HTH Tom P.S. It was a totally stock G17.
  9. I have one on a G17 Carry Optics. Like it so far...
  10. Just put one on my 550B. 1. Changing the primer is the same. Less space because of the plunger assembly. Change the calibre specific color coded tube and the ramp insert. No big deal. 2. It doesn't swing away. You change the platform out to install the case feeder bits. You would have to hand insert the cases and it's kind of cramped but can be done. A strong rubber band, a zip tie, or other method can be used to lock the plunger back. The case feed conversion is pretty cheap, too. 3. Setting it up properly takes a bit of fiddling, but once done it seems pretty reliable.
  11. Hardware store had them. 3 for .20 ea. I'm good.
  12. Like a dummy, I popped the circlip off the decapping die and (of course) I can't find it now. Anyone know what size it is? Plan B is to take the decapping assembly to the hardware store. Thanks, Tom
  13. A very BE perspective that I'm just beginning to comprehend.
  14. I have an SJC G17 that I've shot in 8 or 9 USPSA matches over the last 4 or 5 months. Last weekend, on the second to last stage, I actually enjoyed it, and found the dot without any problem. Before that I was constantly searching for it. I had a 4.2 HF on that stage, which was an epiphany to me. I'll keep on going with it; it's not at all like shooting irons! I also have to up the rest of my game. Open makes you have everything working well, not just adequately. Hang in there!
  15. Nice work, Chris! I did a similar to select a press and justify it to my better half. Thanks, tom.
  16. @rowdyb - I am incredibly farsighted with a significant astigmatism. For everyday, I have progressive lenses, but they're awful for shooting. My doc suggested doing lined bifocals for shooting, with my non dominant lens normal, but doing the dominant with 1 diopter less than my reading correction in the main section and making it up in the reading section. This was for USPSA "normal" shooting so I could actually see the front sight. It has worked well for me. The bonus, I've found, is with rifle and prone. With the main lens (without progressive), any part of the upper works as it does for normal paper and steel. Like I said, works for me. YMMV.
  17. Nice job. I showed my wife and she said, "Do we need to look for an armoire for you?" I'm currently set up on top of a Craftsman tool chest lower. Works great but I think she liked the "out of sight" aspect of yours.
  18. @Wayne - Was your comment about not being competitive in open made toward the Gen 1 Glock, or towards open Glocks in general?
  19. For me, shooting single-stack and production, my support had almost always comes off -- because I'm doing g a mag change!
  20. How about using your support hand for the safety? I end up doing that on my 1911 when I didn't get it off earlier.
  21. Thanks for posting this. I see lots of things to work on. He's awesome and older than me!
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