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  1. Yea, like they said above, just give S&W a call. They should take care of you. I've had 3 m&p's and non have them have looked likethat. The next match you go to, ask to look at someone else's gun. It should be smooth and not jagged like that. What generation is that m&p?
  2. Pretty good price. My 2nd handgun ever was an M&P .40c I bought for $400. Less than 100 rounds. I still have it after 8 years.
  3. What's odd, is that my first handgun I every bought (XD 9mm 4") came with similar item. I've wondered why Glock or M&P have not included one. Probably cost, I assume.
  4. +1 on a2 stippling. I'm not for sure if he is still taking orders right now. Last i heard, he was overseas.
  5. If you are still going to carry your gun concealed, I would definitely go for the dcaek, over the competition one. Although you are shooting idpa with it, like your last post states, you don't want that light of a trigger pull on a carry gun!
  6. I've had 4 m&p's, at various times. I still have my m&p .40 compact that I've had for close to 7 years. I've upgraded it with trijicon sights and the apex duty kit. It's still my carry gun. I've also bought an m&p shield in 9mm. Sad thing is I haven't even shot it yet and I've had it close to a year. I really need to shoot more!! I also owned an m&p pro in 9mm and the m&p22. For me, they just point a lot better than a Glock. Although, next time I can get my hands on a Glock 19 again, I'll probably do it.
  7. To the opening post: did you ever pick one up? My second pistol was an M&P .40C, love it and will probably never get rid of it. I've upgraded it with trijicon night sites, and an apex kit. It's my daily carry gun. I also picked up a shield in 9mm but sadly have yet to fire it yet.
  8. I've had a m&p's (pro, fs, compact, and 22lr), and I've never had this problem. Might have someone look at it or send it back in
  9. Did you also have the apex comp. kit on yours? If so, it should break about 1.5 pounds lighter than the duty kit. I already have the duty/carry kit plus the RAM in my carry gun, just wondering if I need the trigger.
  10. Has anyone put an Apex trigger on their CARRY gun? I know many have on their competition gun. Just wondering what people's thoughts were.
  11. I put it on my .40c. It does improve the trigger quite a bit. Of course I marred my sights up a bit. I will probably leave it off my Pro for now. (I don't want to marr those sights up too)
  12. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I might have to do this in the next few weeks. My grandfather has a vise, so I'm sure I can mess around with it there. I have a punch kit, so I might try the larger end to not muck it up.
  13. I was on the fence when I joined USPSA too, but then I read a friend's Front Sight and really got a lot out of it. Being still less than a year into USPSA, it tells you what's going on in the sport. I like the section where the rules are explained. It tells the situation, the question, and then the correct answer. Very informative.
  14. I'm not married yet (nor have kids) but I find it difficult to get to 1 match a week on Friday nights. My fiancé lives 30 miles away so we try to spend at least 2 week nights together. I suppose all this will change in May when we get married, but still trying to get to the match once a week will be difficult. I don't know how you married with kids guys do it.
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