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  1. Midsouth has Titegroup
  2. Although I’m certain I’m not as physically fit as you seem to be I think we’ve enjoyed some similar hobbies. When I was young I was involved in karate and Kung fu, I’ve been shooting my whole life and love bicycling (road type). Have you considered photography? It’s another type of shooting. I discovered and explored things and places I never never would have otherwise. It can be physically demanding or not at all. Unfortunately, like most hobbies it can become a money pit.
  3. I just did this recently and I didn't like the results. My brass was dusty from old overused media. The bullets ended up looking and feeling dirty. A couple rounds did't feed well. Probably my thumb against the slide but the dirty feeling brass couldn't have helped. I feel it's better to just take the extra step and remove the lube.
  4. Mine is a little loose. I only have one old STI tube to try it on. I got the tube used so I don't know what's been done to it before I got it.
  5. I tried coloring my .38 sc brass once for identification. Ended up making a mess of it. Probably not much different then images in original post. I think this link relates http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?66487-Coloring-brass-cases I kept using the brass and eventually it returned back to normal.
  6. I’m not sure about non-chlorinated brake cleaner but chlorinated brake cleaner will remove paint from painted grips. I’d also be careful to keep it away from sights with painted dots. It’s probably not a bad idea to keep strong solvents away from the special coating on glass optics as well.
  7. Google or Bing search “Electrician Tool Bag”. Lots of magazine pockets!
  8. I had a squib years ago from a round I loaded and the round did have powder. As far as I know my powder check didn’t give any indication of problems either. How you might ask? Media with Nu Finish car polish got stuck in the bottom of the brass. I used to add Nu Finish car polish or Dillon Rapid Polish to my media. I was tumbling my brass in new media and remembered I hadn’t added the polish to my media so I opened my tumblr (Vibratory Case Cleaner) and put some in. Lesson learned: NEVER ADD POLISH AFTER BRASS IS IN MEDIA! If you’re going to use polish always put it in media and run tumbler until it is fully dispersed then add brass. I feel a little dumb sharing this story but it may help somebody.
  9. Does anybody know of better prices available for .38 supercomp brass than starline.com? Ghostholster has been out for some time. Midway.com and Grafs have higher prices. I know that Starline supports our sport and would be happy buying from them but I thought I’d check with you guys first.
  10. Remy


    Ok. I'll Play.
  11. While changing the shellplate I managed to drop the index ball down the shellplate bolt hole. I called Dillon for help they told me to ether use a magnet or unbolt the machine and turn it upside down. I didn’t have a magnet so I called a buddy over so we could stand and stare at the dilemma together for a while. Finally my friend suggested shooting compressed air (small can used for cleaning computers & electronics) down the hole. The ball popped right out.
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