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  1. Air soft Tanfoglio Limited Custom full metal. About 130 Euro from various sources. Not quite the same grip as a 2011 but full weight.
  2. There is a collection of the older IPSC rules at http://ipsc.invisionzone.com/topic/18127-old-ipsc-competition-rules/
  3. Eric runs classes and has just picked-up a major deal from CZ to finance his facility in Normandy.
  4. The prize table issue is very much a USPSA "thing". I have been shooting IPSC across Europe for the past eight years or so. Any product donations, of which there are few, are by random drawing. I still see Eric and other major shooters at all the matches.
  5. What Jack said. Had the same issue many, many years ago and the Dillon rep. talked me through the solution.
  6. Random drawing every time, even for Nationals, offer a potential reward to the 80/90% who are the true bedrock of the game. Winners take their trophy home. Honour without reward - the ethos of the original Olympics.
  7. What about US citizens who are USPSA members but live overseas?
  8. Started in UKPSA in the late 70's with a Star 45 (1911 clone) - no separate divisions. Texas 1996 changed to a Ruger P90 to shoot Limited then in 1997 to a Para P14 -45. Picked up an STI frame at the 1998 Limited Nationals and had Dave Dawson build a 40 Limited, which was a superb pistol. When Production Division started got a Para LDA 45 which was also used for IDPA. In 2007 decided to travel overseas for competitions and with the limitations on ammunition weight on airlines chose to go to 9-mm and sold the Dawson gun and bought two SP 01's prepped by Matthew Mink both of which are still working well, however in 2014 I added my current Production gun a Tanfoglio Stock II Extreme from Eric which has been my competition gun since then.
  9. Only under USPSA rules, rule 8.7.3 covers the situation for IPSC matches.
  10. I don't think he is even listed on ipscrating.com so he hasn't shot a level III match in a long time.
  11. PhilTerry


    Not a discussion - but these things work like charm on drywall. I bring some back whenever I am in France. https://www.amazon.fr/Molly-M18106-XJ-Chevilles-métalliques-expansion/dp/B017IJOKO2?SubscriptionId=AKIAJVJYRC2OTIL7IAUQ&tag=reg2018-21&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B017IJOKO2
  12. There was an article on it in Business Week http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/conte...99060491065.htm
  13. It's a proposal which will be discussed at the General Assembly - USPSA as the representative of our region should be there in the person of Michael Voigt. If you have views on this, or any other issues on the agenda, let him know.
  14. Rule 10.5.9 was written to cover this specific issue.
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