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  1. There are a couple of matches a month at the Angelina Rifle and Pistol Club range just outside Lufkin, which is about 2_hours drive.
  2. Fully agree, after 25 years reloading on an SDB, the OEM parts are the ones I have found most reliable.
  3. One of my suppliers here in France has primers on special offer this week. Says it all. https://www.tlgunshop.com
  4. It has been used for 9mm successfully, lots of data on the web.
  5. Manson also, very helpful company discussed exactly what I needed through e-mail and then shipped it to me in France within a week.
  6. I have a bit of a problem with some of these comments. The RO is supposed to be watching the shooter at all times during the course of fire, not looking at where the shots impact. If the RO can tell where the holes are, in my opinion, he is not doing his job properly.
  7. Rowdy has answered the question, no handling of ammunition in a safe area.
  8. If anybody has access to the 1998 Limited Nationals match book, I think you will find that what you are proposing is very similar to the prize distribution system used that year. The only solution to your specific issues is to get rid of prize tables.
  9. Thanks all, did a thorough clean including a copper solvent treatment and all the rounds now pass the plunk and spin test. Training session today so will see if the problem reappears.
  10. Slide is stopping about 1/4 inch before going into battery.
  11. Resurrecting an old topic, but with a twist. My five year old Stock II has recently started to give me problems with failure to chamber. As far as I know nothing had changed with my ammunition, the problem occurs after about 50 rounds from fresh cleaned with either my standard reloads or with factory Geco, both using 124 gr round nose projectiles. Changing to truncated cone bullets the problem goes away! Questions, why has it only recently started and how do I fix it?
  12. https://www.howtopronounce.com/italian/tanfoglio The "g" is silent
  13. But.... if 3N37 is all you have then around 5.4 gr behind a 124 gr works fine. If a bit dirty.
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