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  1. PhilTerry


    Not a discussion - but these things work like charm on drywall. I bring some back whenever I am in France. https://www.amazon.fr/Molly-M18106-XJ-Chevilles-métalliques-expansion/dp/B017IJOKO2?SubscriptionId=AKIAJVJYRC2OTIL7IAUQ&tag=reg2018-21&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B017IJOKO2
  2. There was an article on it in Business Week http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/conte...99060491065.htm
  3. It's a proposal which will be discussed at the General Assembly - USPSA as the representative of our region should be there in the person of Michael Voigt. If you have views on this, or any other issues on the agenda, let him know.
  4. Rule 10.5.9 was written to cover this specific issue.
  5. The SP 01 does not have a decocking lever. What you saw is the standard way to decock the SP 01 pistol at the start of a course of fire.
  6. PhilTerry


    If the prize tables for the major IPSC matches were all multi-$100k and I had a shot at taking them, I'd happily learn French, if that was a requirement The official language of IPSC is English - when I have attended matches in Germany for example they have had a WSG in both German and English and whenever the squad I was on arrived at a stage the English one was read first.
  7. But didn't he just vote in the house to say that that was OK?
  8. Go to the USPSA web page and enter HI on the search window under Find A Club.
  9. Shouldn't there at least be a link to it from the USPSA page?
  10. Since USPSA own Steel Challenge why are the results not posted on the Major Match page?
  11. You mean, like Egypt? That place is cool. I'd go back in a minute. Same for Israel and Colombia. Even in 'those' places, the risk of terrorism is still vanishingly small compared to all the other risks you run on a daily basis. Shred You make a good point, but I would feel safer in Egypt that Bali Really! Having been to both Bali has a very marginal edge on the "feeling safe" scale but then 25 million people in Cairo can be a bit overwheming.
  12. Yeah, and more. My understanding is that the moment competitors arrive, they have to surrender their gun to the police, who will basically keep possussion of it in a secured "armory" the whole time you're in the country. You'd be allowed to "check it out of the armory" when it is your turn to shoot, but as soon as you are done you have to check it back in. I suck, and I don't know nuthin', but even I would be "perturbed" if I couldn't work on my gun in my room, dryfire in my room, etc, etc. Can't imagine what that would be like for one of the "control freaks". They say (?) they will have an "armory" set up at the match hotel, so it "won't be inconvenient", but... even still. B At the 1999 Nationals in Vegas - hotel security kept our guns in the secure room at the hotel and we were not allowed to take them to our rooms. We could clean, dry fire practice etc in the secure area to our hearts content but not take possession of them until we were going to the range. I don't see a big difference between that and the rules for Bali.
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