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  1. during the DA stroke on my practice gun I have always had a bit of crunch (Shadow 2). I have no idea where it's from or what causes it. I've swapped out hammers, springs, hammer struts and it's still there. So it's somewhere in the frame I guess? Anyone know the feeling I'm talking about and how to get rid of it?
  2. you would need to figure out how to modify the count device, or use a 100 round tube. another thing is how would it start up again, you'd need an eye to detect when the tube needed filling as well.
  3. really hoping my digital measure comes back with a smaller drum in it, I've been asking for that all along.
  4. I see more and more posts from people upgrading to variable speed drives on their Dillon case feeders, I am curious how many experience issues with cases not dropping and binding the case feed plate? I have a pretty old RL 1050 and motor really only turns the case plate reliably on "high" and I get regular jams of 9mm brass on the edge of the dropper opening, that stop the whole thing. Wouldn't running it faster make this more likely? I've tried adjusting the metal lip thing to restrict and expand the opening, makes no difference. Any tips on that would be much appreciated.
  5. slavex

    Shadow2 extraction issue

    recoil springs are for reliably loading ammo into the chamber, that's all really. So they really don't mean much to extraction, unless you have one so heavy the slide doesn't get all the way back. I'd be sending the gun back to CZUSA or off to CZ Custom for diagnosis and fix.
  6. I've left brass sitting in dirty water for days, simply ran it for 20 minutes before emptying it out, no issue at all with staining or anything
  7. I am waiting for mine to show up, but have been told they have been fixed. I'll post here as soon as I get them.
  8. slavex

    Shadow 2

    I've been using them since they first came out in the Canadian Shadowmates, whenever that was, I've yet to see one come apart and affect the function of the gun. If they are getting cut up, remove and replace if you like. I've not seen a single one go to pieces or anything and contaminate the gun.
  9. there are new Rami style slidestops available from the usual sources in Europe that are actually designed for the 2. The first batch were wrong, but that has been fixed.
  10. slavex

    Shadow 2

    please pm me to arrange for shipping of your unused shockbuffs from CZ Shadow and Shadow 2 guns, I will happily pay postage to receive them. On a serious note, I trust the engineers at CZUB to actually know what they are doing for the most part (lets leave the cracked 2s out of this for now). Mine last and last and last. I know another serious competitor that has had his last more than 10,000 rounds with no issues. Recoil does not feel weird, or wrong or anything like that. For a $1 part they are a cheap replacement for when they finally do need to be replaced. I've never had one jam up my gun, even after cutting through it with the spring box on the slide.
  11. yeah I prefer the Shadow 2 frame anyhow.
  12. ahh of course the TS mags are wider aren't they, so a regular Shadow trigger bar wouldn't work. Hmmm this will require more work. I know the sear cage is a lot different, but I also know the Shadow sear cage will drop right in, as the TS one will fit in a Shadow, with the trigger bar removed. maybe the idea of just fitting the TS slide to a Shadow 2 frame like Robin did is a better idea still.
  13. looking to build a 40 cal DA/SA Standard/Open gun, looking at various options. I hate manual safeties, prefer DA/SA by a hundred billion to 1.
  14. Anyone ever had a TS frame or similar cut to accept the trigger bow from a Shadow? Yes, I want a Double Action first shot TS or Czechmate.
  15. to answer the question. yes of course Fritz knows who Bob is, however, one guy doesn't mean much when most of the sport is filled with metal frame guns. His idea for PO Light was that having that division would result in a large influx of shooters running poly guns, in fact he wanted Optics to have a weight limit period, not have two PO divisions. Looking at the results world wide, Light is basically a failed division.
  16. I don't know that I get less rejects now as I haven't used mixed headstamp brass in quite awhile. I still intend to get a rollsizer though, just because.
  17. slavex

    Cz mag lip tuning?

    I believe I have broken exactly 1 trigger return spring in 11 guns and over a million rounds through them. A couple firing pin springs too. I know people break them, I've seen it happen, but man, it must be just bad luck or something?
  18. slavex

    Cz mag lip tuning?

    You may be my previously undiscovered twin brother. I have a similar cleaning regimen with my guns
  19. slavex

    Cz mag lip tuning?

    I hit the lips with another, loaded, mag, do it until the rounds can't be made to stand up between the lips.
  20. I clean then size/deprime then clean again. it's a super easy thing to do. I use a dehydrator for both cleanings
  21. There are three places in the USA that I'd send my CZ to to get worked on, CZC, CGW and Mink. there might be more, but those three I know do amazing work all the time. I've never heard a complaint from anyone who's dealt with them. But I can't send mine there as I'm in Canada so I learned how to do it myself.
  22. only one lid to deal with? I only deal with one lid on the FART, maybe I'm missing something in your answer?
  23. you don't need to remove the cap, half a turn, insert the round, half turn to tighten, smack, half turn to loosen dump out components, continue. Not having to undo the cap completely, remove it, remove the collet, remove the case from the collet, and then reverse, is where you save the time. It only takes a few seconds to pull a round and a couple to swap in the new one.
  24. Using the Quinetics kinetic puller I could pull those in less than 10 minutes. Unless we're talking big rifle magnum rounds that won't fit into the quick collet.
  25. I posted a ton of photos from the Orange back when the 2 was announced. You definitely can't fit a regular bushing in there, which as Matt1 states, would be dumb anyhow, including a CGW one.
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