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  1. This sounds much easier than just enforcing the rules we operated under before. just get rid of the rule book and ad-lib it all!!
  2. Just because they said so don't make it right... follow the rule book.
  3. There is always someone that wants to change something. The problem with this is they will always find someone to agree with them. I can't wine the way it is so lets change things
  4. So OK it's 6 a 1 and 1/2 dozen of the other.. Now its perfectly clear??
  5. Skizeks

    trigger pull

    I don't really know much, and more people tell me that every day. That being said. I want my triggers around 6-7 lbs. and glass smooth. I find if they are too light I don't get enough information about the trigger when i'm shooting..
  6. anymore load data for Short Colt. Thanks revoman-no VV N320. Any other suggestions?
  7. OK i bought a NIB PC 627. Since that guy in IOWA is not doing any real work anymore, (something about wanting to be a crook or something with the law) who can i send it off to to get worked over?
  8. As i read this I had to start laughing. any good stage designer I know will eat these up!! careful what U ask for1
  9. we aint shooting IPSC its USPSA. YOU want to go shoot ISPC then shoot ISPC. People stop trying to change the rules to fit U. Thats how we got IDPA. Production is 10 rds. It levels the field! it was intended as a starting point for USPSA where a shooter wouldn't have to spend a couple grand to get into it.
  10. This is a big head game. U need to learn to shut it off. If not you are already thinking about what you don't need to.
  11. OK we need another REVO match!! Would U come to Minnesota for a match in Sept.?
  12. The gun was NOT ready to fire...it fired... it has to be ready to fire in order to fire!!!
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