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  1. If you think they are expensive wait until you see the shipping cost to Canada
  2. You need some kined of holster course to shoot any of them you cant just show up and shoot icore or idpa or any of the others without taking there own safty course or having your BB
  3. Its all a money grab in canada not just ipsc but ppc idpa icore and so on you have to take some kind of course so you can shoot
  4. So with the 8 shot revolvers now is the the 625 prity much dead ?
  5. So i have the chance to buy another gun im trying to fined out which is the better one what do you guy think 627 performance or the 627 performance V comp
  6. id like to see them make the 610 in an 8 shot
  7. First is this gun for your wife to start shòoting with or is it for you and mybe the old time she might shoot it because more i read the posts thats the way it seems.But if it for her them you already know what she loves that was the P320RX that you had
  8. I was told by double alpha that the post for there 45cal will fit 38spl
  9. I started out shooting ppc long time ago then friends got me to try out ipsc. Coming from ppc i only had a 6 shot so i had to shoot minor against the 625 which was ok because I still had a chance . After awhile i picked up a 625 and the playing field was even . Now for what ever reason they changed it so the 8 shot revolers can play, now im back to where i started playing this game unless i go out and spend 2500 to 3000 on a new gun and rig which is not going to happen soon, like RJH said just to be shooting by myself or if im lucky one other rovolver guy. Now the other thing that really burn my A$$ are guys who come out to match and shoot revolver only because they have a chance to win a new revoler in a draw.then they go back to shooting there semi.
  10. JAB


    So i been reloading my 9mm with these primers called Dominion they been working great except for the very odd time id get a light strike where round didn't go off.so now i have my other press set up and running loading 38spl using same primers and powder as in the 9mm. Im finding with the 38spl almost ever other round is a squib?. It's so bad that i started weighing each round twice on different scales just to make sure the dam powder charge was right.So here my question has anyone ever have primers go bang but not light up the main powder in the case because i one i stoped using these primers and went to federal and i had no more squib
  11. So its the fastest time that wins the stage or match then
  12. Ok that tells me my points on that target how does the time and points come together to tell me how well i did in the stage or match
  13. Hi i have just started shooting icore and id like to know how the scoring works and what formula is used to fined out how well you do in a stage or match
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