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  1. I'd like to but here in Canada it's hard enough to just fined an icore match
  2. I shoot ipsc with my 686 and speedloaders I'm usually the only one shooting revolver some times I get another revolver shooter but there shooting 8 shots which I dont care I'm shooting it for me and for fun
  3. Ysrracer that's the front sight is there any collectors value to this gun they way it is
  4. So I have this 686 sitting in the safe for the last 7 or 8 years never shot it I got on a trade but the person never told me it had one of these plastic adjustable front sight on it. I hate them I bern told from a gunsmith that I'm prity much stuck with them because of how smith and Wesson put them on the barrel. My other choice I can see would be to cut the barrel shorter and put on the sights I want but living up here in Canada finding a good gunsmith is like picking the winning ticket for the lottery and then there the cost $$$$ so I thought that someone on here might know if a new type of sight can be put on sorry I dont have a picture of it
  5. JAB


    I'm using a moonclip tool from TK
  6. JAB


    So I just got some TK moonclips there for my 6 shot 686 the clips are 0.25 I'm having trouble getting brass to fit ,some brass like Federal fit in easy other federal brass will not could anyone help thanks
  7. If you think they are expensive wait until you see the shipping cost to Canada
  8. You need some kined of holster course to shoot any of them you cant just show up and shoot icore or idpa or any of the others without taking there own safty course or having your BB
  9. Its all a money grab in canada not just ipsc but ppc idpa icore and so on you have to take some kind of course so you can shoot
  10. So with the 8 shot revolvers now is the the 625 prity much dead ?
  11. So i have the chance to buy another gun im trying to fined out which is the better one what do you guy think 627 performance or the 627 performance V comp
  12. id like to see them make the 610 in an 8 shot
  13. First is this gun for your wife to start shòoting with or is it for you and mybe the old time she might shoot it because more i read the posts thats the way it seems.But if it for her them you already know what she loves that was the P320RX that you had
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