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  1. conditionone

    RTS2 Mounts

  2. conditionone

    SC Rules too Complicated?

    I know a few people who would attend a SC RO class myself included. The same people would not take the time for a two day USPSA RO certification. Zack has done a lot for SC and it's appreciated. A SC RO stand alone certification would complete the SC infrastructure.
  3. conditionone

    Match score upload question

    It takes less than 10 minutes to sync the tablets, upload, pay and email a link to the results page. I live two miles from the range so shooters have the results before they get home. On the rare occasion that there are corrections I wait until Tuesday night so if corrections trickle in I only have to upload one more time. Getting the results out within 24 hours to me, is just as important as any other part of the match.
  4. conditionone

    What difference in Practiscore on Android or Ipad?

    "I prototyped some completion/help popup to assist with the search, but it didin't work on Nooks, so I had to scrape it. Can't wait to discontinue support for those Nooks. Every release is getting harder to keep compatible with them and they are holding me back for implementing some other features" With the development challenges and the low cost of Kindles maybe the time is now to stop supporting Nooks? Maybe set a date to give clubs that are using Nooks time to replace them if they want to stay current.
  5. conditionone

    Master Shooter List

    Do not delete previous matches. If you delete your matches the shooters are deleted along with the match.
  6. Shooting two divisions is not a problem at our club. The shooting order is set up so everyone shoots their first or only gun. Then the two division shooters shoot their second gun. Shooters that shoot two divisions can not shoot both guns back to back.
  7. conditionone

    So 1911 9mm Single Stacks...

    Dan Wesson PM9. Best bang for the buck.
  8. conditionone

    Courtesty (or lack thereof) at Club Matches

    I actually feel more comfortable with the noise. Heckling is even better. It's the silence that distracts me more. Silence usually means all eyes are on you. That said, If someone would request quiet they would get it. A lot of good people in this sport.
  9. conditionone

    Casefeeder stuck brass fix

    From the pic's it looks like can you drill and tap a hole in the case feeder behind the wedge deflector piece and install a screw to move the deflector where you need it. Or use a self tapping screw. It would look cleaner and you wouldn't have to drink two cans of beer to get the tabs. Hey wait a second...drill the hole first then drink two cans of beer to celebrate a job well done.
  10. conditionone

    9mm "double" case walls

    I also sort before cleaning. Yes it is a nice video. Not mine, I found it about four years ago and have been using this method since.
  11. conditionone

    9mm "double" case walls

    I use a shell sorter first, then the method below. Fast and easy way to check for stepped brass or a 380 that made it past the sorter.
  12. http://www.evergladesammo.com/shooting-accessories/handgun-parts/1911-2011-handgun-parts/everglades-1911-thumb-rest.html
  13. conditionone

    NEW SCSA Rules ?

    Going forward when the new rules are in effect I would be wrong. Still ok for about three hours or so. This is a thread about new rules so I should have stuck with that. I never had to give a penalty for a false start or creeping nor have I witnessed anyone receiving one. It seems that when a shooter has a mental error and goes for the gun, they usually realize the error and stop before they draw, look to the RO and return to the ready position for a restart. I would like to see the rule like this. If the shooter moves towards the gun between stand by and the start signal, and the gun is drawn, the string should be completed with a penalty. A restart if the gun is not drawn. As far as the timer/RO cadence thing...well reaction to the timer is part of the challenge so I prefer random times between stand by and the beep.
  14. conditionone

    NEW SCSA Rules ?

    Yes. If your hands come back to the point where they can be seen from behind before the beep of the timer you should be tuned into (the one ~12" from your head) then no.