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  1. I have the same set up but I use a 4 lb striker spring. With CCI I get an occasional light strike, maybe one out of 500. With Federal primers not one light strike.
  2. I've worn a Wilderness 5 stitch Instructor belt for eleven hours a day for three plus years. Zero signs of wear and no complaints
  3. I have a 2011 with a very aggressive stipple and it was good. I changed the grip and did a Silicon Carbide job on it and it is way better. I have Talon grit tape on a M&P with 10k rounds and it holds up well. I had to change it once because I was sloppy with cleaning solvent and it softened the adhesive.
  4. It takes more than one step for most of us, so your finger can not be in the trigger guard when moving between boxes. My gun is high and pointed at the next plate as I'm leaving box one, with my eyes on the next plate while moving. My finger goes in the trigger guard as my right foot touches ground and my left foot is settling in. Definitely not fully stopped. "using the same cadence (same delay between standby and beep) is one of the things that causes people to want to anticipate the beep and start early" For sure. I feel that reaction time to the beep is part of the challenge.
  5. The difference is that in USPSA you are allowed to shoot on the move. In Steel Challenge you are not.
  6. You can also try a lighter striker spring. Maybe a 4 or 4.5 lb
  7. I can't imagine why the Main Match, RFP, RFR and PCC result grouping was removed. I agree with UFO about the classifier times being listed in the top 20. All good otherwise.
  8. At our matches we ask/require that all centerfire guns arrive at the shooters box in a holster. If you would like to bag it when you exit the box, you can do so at the safe table. We do this to keep things moving along and no one objects. Our safe tables are about 25' from the shooters box on each range so its not and issue.
  9. https://www.glockstore.com/Double-Diamond-Extended-Tungsten-Guide-Rod For a Glock, but fits M&P pro
  10. Some good info on Action Target's site http://i2admin02.webstorepackage.com/letargets/virtualweb/images/Steel Resource Guide Ltr.pdf https://shop.actiontarget.com/content/the-science-behind-steel-targets.asp
  11. I keep a section of fiberglass driveway marker in my bag.
  12. I'd rather deal with all the above listed agencies than ever having to deal with Botach again.
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