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  1. conditionone

    M&P Mags

    I'd rather deal with all the above listed agencies than ever having to deal with Botach again.
  2. conditionone

    RO’s Stationary or Move With Squad

    If I pay a registration fee of $75 to $100 per gun at a level 2 match, I expect to only shoot and paint and prefer that the RO stays at the stage. At level one matches, I expect to be on the tablet and RO and prefer that the RO, (usually multiple RO's) move with the squad.
  3. conditionone


    Another satisfied Darn Tuff customer here. I have four different pairs for different shoes, activities and seasons. Excellent product.
  4. conditionone

    New Rules

    No apology necessary
  5. conditionone

    New Rules

    That is addressed in 3.4.1 and 3.4.2. I am referring to 7.4 "double jeopardy" penalty. https://uspsa.org/viewer/New_SCSA_Rule_Book_Jan_2019_Change_Log.pdf
  6. conditionone

    New Rules

    7.4 states; "hitting plates from the wrong box in Outer Limits is a 3 second miss penalty, and not an additional procedural penalty" Additional to what? Wouldn't hitting plates from the wrong box be a procedural not a missed plate penalty? A better example and one that I hear about more often and most recently at ECSC, is when a shooter receives a procedural and a missed plate penalty for missing a plate in the first box. For some reason, a few RO's believe that the plates must be hit before moving to the center. I find the example in the update does not address this misunderstanding. A better example might be: If a shooter misses a plate in box one, he or she only receives a missed plate penalty. No procedural.
  7. conditionone

    PCC Handling Question

    "Please keep in mind that all firearms must be cased and unloaded when you arrive. No firearm can be uncased or handled until you are instructed to do so by a Range Officer or at one of our designated Safe Tables."
  8. conditionone

    PCC Handling Question

    Steel Challenge. It would be the same for any event. The shooter would not receive a DQ as it is not a SCSA/USPSA violation, but they would still have to leave. It is clearly stated at the time of online registration and the shooter has the option to withdraw from the event well in advance or simply comply with a common sense club safety rule.
  9. conditionone

    PCC Handling Question

    At my club, the only place you can uncase and or handle a firearm is at one of our designated safe tables or in the shooters box under the direction of a RO. This is clearly stated in the shooters registration conformation that is sent prior to attending the match. If someone uncases any where else they will be told to leave.
  10. conditionone

    Range Bag

    My Midway large range bag is not the latest, but it is holding up very well after five years. Plenty of room and priced right.
  11. This I also fly though the ULSC but when I hold the slide back, I pull it just far enough that the RO actually has full view of the chamber (opposed to pulling the slide all the way back forcing the RO to struggle to see a clear chamber) and wait for the "If clear" command.
  12. conditionone

    dot size

    RTS2 8 MOA
  13. conditionone

    Cleaning a C-more window

    I had the same issue. I thought I needed to have the lens replaced. I cleaned it with CLR on a Q tip. Like new.
  14. conditionone

    Tripp Cobra 10 Round Problems

    My Tripp mags have been flawless in two guns. One with and one without a ramped barrel.
  15. conditionone

    Dillon shell plate issue

    I had the same problem. Every other case mouth would contact the sizing die. My problem started when I replaced the case insert slide. The new slide is made of a different material, it's more like fiberglass. What I found was that the slide was hitting the ejector wire. I had a new wire so I replaced it. Same issue. When moving the slide in and out I could see it wasn't going all the way towards the shell plate, hitting the wire. I removed the slide and filed a bevel on the inside so it will not contact the wire. 3000 rounds later, not one damaged case mouth. Not sure this is your problem, but worth looking at.