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  1. I just had right hip replacement surgery on Sept 26th. It’s been 12 days now and I’m getting along fairly good. I can take short steps without crutches and I am off most pain medication. When you see the Doc make sure he does a "anterior" approach surgery and not the "posterior". The Anterior is more difficult for the doc but will result in a short recovery for you. Also make sure he uses a short stem cuz at 35 years old you will almost for sure have to have it replaced. Last year I ran quite a number of races in including a couple of Ragnar’s and riding my mountain bike 3 times a week. So you should recover very quickly, if you decide on a hip replacement. Scott
  2. I won't tell you if you don't want to know so here is the link http://apnews.excite.com/article/20100901/D9HV62EO0.html Well not really that big of a secret but there were many people who thought it was him all along. I love Top Gear it really is one of the best shows on all of tv. Scott
  3. 3GunF1Guy

    Crown on 12ga shell

    I have loaded thousands and thousand of these cheep throw away hulls on my P/W and they run 100% and look better than the factory loads. As a mater of fact I like the Federal cheap hulls better than the new Win AA hulls. I can load the many times. It's just that after one or two loadings I'm a little nervouse of the paper bases coming loose in them and will only shoot them in my over and under instead of the semiauto after two loadings.
  4. Remember, last year Donington Park agreed to a big deal and got it signed with Bernie. Then they could not get the track done or the money to do it. Now the English race is in Silverstone for 10 years. I'm with smokshwn, I don't think they can get it built that fast. On the other hand Abu Dahbi got it done in less than a year and a half. But they have more money than god.
  5. Who is going to pay Bernie his 30 millon? There must be more to the story.
  6. From my testing of E3 is that it is total temp insensitive or neutral. I have done the ice test and sun test(actually I set the ammo on the radiator of my truck till it was almost too hot to touch.) on the same day within minutes of each other and had the ammo shoot the exact same velocity over the crono. Scott
  7. Go here and you will save some money. http://www.directfix.com/ Scott
  8. Heeeyy.. Something is wrong with those picts. I see green in the mountains. not White!! Whats up with that. Scott
  9. 3GunF1Guy

    Formula 1

    You know after I look at the MC wing I'm not really sure that it "stalls" it. I think a stall is when a wing looses lift (or down force depending on direction). It looks like it fills in the turbulent drag area behind the wing and reduces drag by filling in the vacuum area with air. But I thought the race was a little boring due to the fact that they could not push very hard with a full fuel load. Maybe it will get better as the season moves on. and they learn how to manage the tires better. Scott
  10. I always make sure I take something with me "just in case". try a PowerBar® Fruit Smoothie Energy bar. They are made to deliver quick energy to normal runners. They also happen to get your blood sugar up quickly also, and almost always just the right amount. They are made to deliver some really fast sugar to your blood stream and then some a little slower. They were made for "normal" athletes who in their long run need to put some energy into their blood stream for extra boost after they have used their glycogen stores. They were made not to raise a normal athlete’s blood sugar to fast or to slow. Try them out they work good. Better than a Snickers bar. Of course I sometime like to eat a snickers when I get low blood sugar. And some times when I have normal blood sugar. Well that and a Coke. Scott
  11. 3GunF1Guy

    Nexus One!

    You know all this talk about the Nexus One is making me want to get the dvd out and watch Blade Runner again. Scott
  12. We will still have pit stops for tire changes. Scott
  13. If you want low recoil data all you need is the data for shot. Use the 1 1/4 oz shot data and you will be almost dead on. Just find some shot data that uses the WAAF1 wad and drop the slug into the wad instead of the shot. The gun and load can not tell the diffrence between 525 grains of shot and 525 grains of slug. And yes I have tried this and it works. I got this from Ballistics Products. If you want, get their slug manual and yoiu will gain a wealth of knowlage. Scott
  14. We'll see if he stubles or is still great. It will be fun to watch!! Schumacher and Ross Brawn, the master planner and all around genius when it comes to running a race and a race team. Ilmor engines and an ok chassis it should be fun. Scott
  15. I have the exact same results with Tac. Sucks with the 55grn bullets workes great with the 68-69 and on up. Scott
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