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  1. So inner/outer velcro belts (i.e. Safariland) are GTG in Traditional class?
  2. I'm still running the super secret 24" factory team Benelli M2 from my factory team days
  3. PM me for $100 discount on Westone DefendEars
  4. But... Prismatic... #LEUPOLD4LIFE
  5. The press is set up for .223 from Dillon. The primers that fall out are perfect, not crushed or deformed and I end up reusing them. Last time this happened, it appears the primers get snagged on something and don't quite make it into the transfer bar then get pushed out the bottom.
  6. I'm having the same problem. Primers don't feed and they end up getting kicked out under the press onto the bench. This is a brand new press. I've replaced the plastic feed lips on the primer feed tube a few times already, but it still happens. Just today, I had 12 primers out of 100 fail to feed and get kicked out on to the bench. Using Winchester Small Rifle primers and have a weight on my follower.
  7. Stock mount and some epoxy works fine on mine.
  8. Chris

    3 gun ar

    Take a look at Black Rain Ordnance rifles too
  9. Do you have a link to the $650/pr electronic customs?
  10. I have some primed 223 brass that I need to neck size before I can load it. I'm looking for a good neck size die, but not sure what to get. I don't think I want or need bushing die. I was looking at the Redding Series A die, does anybody have any experience with this die? Can I remove the decapper rod? Do I need to lube the cases so I don't stick a case in it? Any other tips/tricks? Thanks
  11. I think the winner of this years MG Nats used a prismatic in Limited
  12. Anyone have an electronic copy of this target? Thanks
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