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  1. I've been shooting .38 super and just switched over to 9 major. I have a big problem and can't find the powders that I need. (HS-6) I've always run N105 in my .38 super loads and was curious if I can run it in the 9 Major? If so, what do you recommend running this at? I will only be using it for the short-term until I can find the right powder that I will need. I'm looking for something that won't blow the gun up and as close to major as possible. I have a ton of N105 so I might as well try to use it while waiting. Thanks in advance, Pete
  2. Aweome. Thanks so much. Can I use any of the Dillon Carbide Dies?
  3. I have a new open gun being finished next week that will be 9mm instead of .38 super. What exactly do I need in order to convert this over? Can I just replace the dies since the shellplate should be the same size as the Super? It will be for 9 Major. I'm debating about just buying a 2nd 1050 but I just don't think I will be switching back to .38 super any time soon so I will prob. just pick up a 650 for misc. stuff. Thanks in advance, Pete
  4. Don't get a Toy Motor.... Get a real truck like a Ram with a HEMI
  5. Wow, that's a sweet setup. Thanks for sharing. Just rub the fact that you live in a free state and can own a silencer too. haha
  6. I found that you have to lightly shake the entire Vibraprime as your loading it. Seems to keep things moving. I too would get the sideways primers but I would just tip it back and refill the tubes.
  7. SWEET!!!!! I sold mine when I got out of shooting a few years ago and I put tens of thousands of primers thru mine without too many issues. You learn some tricks as you go but I can't live without one. ORDERED!!!!
  8. I understand the rules and I totally understand why he should have been DQed as well. However, I can see why the match director let the shooter continue. It's difficult to sometimes get and retain new shooters and with this DQ the shooter will most likely never return. Maybe he should have been DQed but allowed to run the remainder of the match just for the experience? I know I will get flamed here but this is a game and obviously safety is the #1 rule here so it is a tough decision. He def. should have been DQed according to the rules but possibly allowed to conitnue shooting the match.
  9. Glad that you're OK and that nobody got hurt. Good gunhandling skills are so important esp. during times like these. You obviously aquire those great skils. Years ago when I first started shooting I watched a guy throw a brand new loaded Les Baer 1911 downrange during his draw. I've never seen so many people running for their lives before.
  10. I recently went thru this 3 years ago. I was shooting like a maniac and dry firing almost every single day. It became a job and was no longer fun. I ended up starting my own business and I sold EVERYTHING I had to fund the business. Now, 3 years later I'm getting back into it. Luckily my business is booming and I'm doing great. I have the perfect schedule as I only work 4 days/week and about 20 hours per week so it's great. I'm not sure if I will shoot any matches but right now I'm focused on shooting for fun. I miss shooting and I miss the people. Give it a lot of though if you do decide to sell. It becomes harder to replace all the cool stuff because all the custom guns take forever to build.
  11. I'm a fairly skilled shooter and was just curious if was any good. I just ordered the DAA shot timer watch so hopefully that will be good.
  12. Looking at buying an iPhone shot timer to mess around with but was curious if anyone used one before and if you recommend one? How did it work or did it even work? Thanks, Pete
  13. You lose fine motor skills during combat so you most likely will NOT be able to pull the hammer back under stress for a life or death attack. Which may leave you pulling the trigger back wondering why the gun won't fire. If he's not comfortable carrying this way he should look at a different carry gun. It's not like the wild west where you had to carry your revolver on an empty chamber because the galloping of your horse would set your gun off.
  14. Thanks for posting this link, I just ordered me some 10K more primers. I can no longer get primers locally so online is the only way for me to go.
  15. Yeah my wife is going to kill me.... I've been out of shooting for 2 years and decided a few weeks ago to get back into it. So, I just bought 2 open guns, a carry gun, an AR, just ordered a JP, and of course a dillon 1050, brass, primers, bullets, powder scale, and tumbler. This is added to my new snowmobile, and snowmobile trailer. HAHA I'm in the dog-house to say the least.... Awesome collection you've got there. Miss my Brazos guns. They are the best!!!
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