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  1. Mantis X and Targetize are not laser practice systems!
  2. Blast


    I think the problem isn`t the bullet. This kinde of defect is mostly caused by overpressure due to a double load or shooting a second bullet onto a squib load, but no reloader will admit that!
  3. http://www.luckydelta.com/shop/CZ-Teile-Tuning/Kimme-Korn/SHADOW-2-NEU-verstellbar/
  4. Blast

    Training videos

    Bob Vogel
  5. Blast

    Glock Strippling in Production Division

    I`m not sure. Do you have the most upto date IPSC rulebook (2012)? Stippling is not mentioned any more for Production!
  6. Blast

    New DD alpha ShotMaxx Timer

    Instruction videos are available under https://www.youtube.com/user/EliDoubleAlpha/videos