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  1. Those look good! Thanks I thought I saw a post at one time with a list tips can not seem to find that post anymore.
  2. Is there any list of tips and tricks for the new club that is starting out and don't know all the tricks to fixing common issues or best way to setup a level 1 match?
  3. I did send it this morning have not heard back yet try again...
  4. If you accidentally changed the squading for a match is there a way Practiscore can restore your mistake?
  5. Start Date: 9/30/16 End Date: 10/03/16 Location: Pitcairn Monroeville Sportsmen’s North Versailles, PA Range Master: Dave Dorisio Match Director: Steve Davidson Email: sdavidson980@gmail.com Phone: 1-412-720-7609 Web Site: www.westernpasection.com Entry Fee: $85.00 Additional Info: https://practiscore.com/western-pa-section-championship-1/register Match Level: Level II
  6. I am using the IOS version 1.667(2) and when I go to Sync - EZWinScore Sync - Export Match Registration the out put file that gets emailed out does not have the shooters Class field included. Then when uploaded into EZWIN everyone is U class. Any idea what is wrong? Here is the simple one shooter output: Compnum,shooter_id,first_name,last_name,address1,address2,city,state,zipcode,country,phone,foreign,email,division,female,military,law,age,deleted,power_factor,rifle_power_factor,shotgun_power_factor,rifle_entered,shotgun_entered,rifle_division,shotgun_division,aggregate_division 1,A11,R,A,,,,,,,,No,h@cct.net,Limited,No,No,No,,No,Minor,,,,,,
  7. Do you know of a time line to PO being added to PS?
  8. I was looking at Xtreme didn't know if the plating was good for Open velocities. I saw a guy this past weekend shoot a plated bullet in a 40 that the jacket pealed off before it hit the target . At least best we could tell, he had grease ring on 3 hits and a smaller non grease ring hit(hole) on 2 other hits in the same string
  9. Been shooting 124s since starting to shoot open and was interested in hearing what Open 9 shooters like for bullet weights and why?
  10. In MWF2 special ops missions, there's a training stage where you run through a scenario and shoot targets as fast as you can. It's the closest thing to IPSC I've found in a game. That right forgot about that ......Just need a pistol controller with motion control
  11. Yes I would agree the more I looked into the process the more I realized that this better done by someone why the proper equipment.
  12. So I have an older pair of Howard Leight that I dumped for injected ear plugs. I like the fact that I don't feel like I am wearing something on my head and the plugs are much cooler in the summer. However I don't think they are the most comfortable plus I have pulled the plugs out partially when scoring only to forget to full push them back in which is not ideal with an open gun. So I am interested in "hearing" what you guys feel is the best as well as comfortable hearing protection without going to the $1000 digital plugs?
  13. I was thinking of trying the Xtreme plated bullets in my edge as well ...you like these better then coated lead like bayou or ibji?
  14. Ordered myself a set of the IMPACTX-2 Photochromic Clear to Laser Red (HDR) lenses for my Rudy's let you know once I get them
  15. Ok so who's a good good programer we can get this off the ground
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