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  1. I have a hard charging personality. I ran stages with gravel flying when I started. I heard people make comments like "that guy will be good when he figures it out". That comment made me feel good, but i didn't win jack squat. Fast forward 4 maybe 5 years later and a buddy of mine told he was talking to a local GM and he said "We better look out, he figured it out. That really made me feel good. The more deliberate I move the better I do. It is still a wierd thing for me to wrap my brain around and I find myself backsliding. I shoot fantastic when I feel (in my head) that I'm the best
  2. Referenced an "ex" in an arguement with my wife. Very poor decision that I still pay for. It was over 10 years ago!
  3. I'm just getting started reloading and need a push through die of some type to resize my 9mm brass. What do you guys use?
  4. You can't win a match on the 1st stage, but you can loose it! Take your time and see your sights. I also think it is similar to test anxiety. If you are well prepared for an exam and know you have a mastery of the material.... No test anxiety. Get a handle on your stage plan. I find it helps to close my eyes and rehearse the stage until it is second nature. When I have a couple of plans and am not sure which one is best, that's when the wheels come off.
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