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  1. How do you get the battery tray slides out. Thanks for the input.
  2. Are you interested in trade with Buck mark.? Almost new with after market barrel comp with 5 mags.You keep mags and holster.

    1. mreed911


      I'm not.  Sale only.  You can PM me instead of posting on my profile, BTW.

  3. Great write up Bob . Is Stew- Mac #155 is the brand name and size of the fret wire ?
  4. Thanks so much for the write up. Great information .These may help other too .
  5. How did you increasing the depth of the funneling indentation on the tube ? I had no luck with Grams internal on both 9mm and 40 cal. The bullets start to nose dive after 13-14 rounds ( 9mm ).Thanks
  6. Anyone ever put Bolen follower and spring on Caspian mag tube .? Just want to know how you tune the follower and is it's works .Thanks.
  7. Hi All Anyone knows where to buy target plastic bag ? Did you guys order online or get it locally ? Thanks Y
  8. Found it from other post.Thanks Y
  9. Hi All Anyone knows where to buy a target paster (Brown packaging tape)? I couldn't find it locally. Thanks Y
  10. That's the point.Take it or leave it.The reason I like no shoot over hard cover is most of the time when we see disappearing targets. Some people(including myself) try to shoot as many round, as fast as they could in order to get the hit and not even see the sight or dot. Some shot hit the target,some hit the stand. Anyway the target will be only 7 ft away from where you can see it. I just want to make sure I am not doing something against the rule. Thanks for all input guys Y
  11. Hi All Is it legal to put a no shoot target on a drop turner ( Disappearing target)?.How you score if someone hit it. Considering as a regular no shoot ? Thanks. Y
  12. Hello

    Saw your post.You might interested in this http://www.uniqueprecisionbullets.com/9mm.htm



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