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  1. Is it better to just buy a complete MBX magazine? Or Buy MBX tube use different internals? and tune it? Or buy STI tubes use different internals and tune it? I don't mind buying dawson's tuning kit i just want to make the right purchase the first time .
  2. Slug your barrel and see what inside diameter of your barrel is. I had 9mm sti that couldn't group nicely...tried all kinds of loads and factory rounds. Took it to the Smith and he measured .357 so no wonder my groups were never good.
  3. 1.3 OAL? 1.13 maybe? Sorry it's 1.130 oal
  4. Funny how those were 2 exact powders i settled on using 147gr PLATED. My buddy introduced me to Clays and i forgot his chrono results but i was using 3gr at 1.30 OAL and it was stupid fast and accurate enough for steel matches. After clays dried up i went Ramshot Competition and settled with 3.6gr at 1.30 OAL as well. My 10 shot string with mixed brass is below with a 5inch 2011 gun. 136 power factor 928 FPS average
  5. I'm looking to just load one powder for my 55gr blasting ammo and 77gr ammo. Anyone load just 1 powder for both weights and are happy with the results or do i have to get 2 different powders? My barrels will be 11.5, 14.5, and 18inches long if that makes a difference?
  6. 133pf and it shot great
  7. My buddy and I used 3gr for 147 plated.
  8. Heres mine with 147gr plated 3.6gr of rs comp at 1.130 oal. 10 shots got me about a pf of 136. 928 average with a SD of 21.4 Great accuracy from a 2011 5 inch barrel.
  9. I'm assuming that if I just use a seat and crimp die on my last station i can use the combo of the bullet feeder and power check die correct?
  10. I don't load 135gr...but the ramshot data said 3.0 grains is max for my 147 load. I had to go 3.6 grains for it to cycle and the primers still look great. i can probably go down to 3.4 or 3.5 and do 1.125 to make around 135PF. what is your COAL? and what is your barrel length?
  11. What's ur recoil weight? I went with 10 lbs and a 147gr with a fast powder.
  12. 147gr plated 3.6gr of rs comp at 1.130 gets me 136pf at an average of 928fps from my 5inch 2011 gun.
  13. 147gr plated with 3.6gr at 1.130 gets me 136pf. Primers look great with 2011 5inch barrel.
  14. Do i need a caliber specific firing stop made for 9mm? or can use a series 70 .45acp oversized stop? i'm using a STI slide and an EGW .068 firing pin with novak sight cuts if so...
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