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  1. SIG Sauer is releasing the Max Michel 1911 in 9mm. Really good value for money.
  2. Rich! Do you still do them? If you want to take it on it I will send it!
  3. Always love to see early Wilson’s!
  4. Hey guys! I ran across a decent used Operator at the gun show this weekend! The old PB9105L. Who has done anything with one? Any thoughts? The gun has some parts on it but no metal removed. I know Rich at Canyon Creek built an incredible one awhile back that I wanted desperately. I was thinking of sending it back to Springfield and through the custom shop. Just looking for some inspiration. Maybe make it a nice throwback Limited 10 blaster... I will add a pic once I host one...
  5. Count me in for some $ at least once a year ?
  6. I picked up a nice 625 in a trade late last week 8) I can use it in USPSA shooting Major and it is legal for IDPA revolver! If I really have a great time in USPSA with it I can always get a 929 later. I shot some drills with it yesterday setting up some simple stages and running it against my CDP setup for comparison and except for the reloads (going to have to work on those) I shoot it about 80% of how I do with my 1911 so my guess is that I will class in Expert somewhere. Up to Master with my other division if I spend some time working on those reloads. I was surprised that my points down were almost identical. The big difference I noticed was having to plan differently. I have a tendency to activate movers in CDP and load into the moving target. I tried that with the revolver and didnt even have the empties out before the target was gone!
  7. I love IDPA and I have no intention of ever leaving my favorite sport. That being said I want to become more involved in USPSA than I have been previously. Can some of you that have crossed over from CDP to SS or those that shoot both give me some of your thoughts about making the adjustment? Primarily I am interested in the differences in holster and mag pouch rules. I have concerns that if I do not run my same gear for both I could develop bad habits. Also I would like to hear thoughts on revolver between the two sports. I have not taken up the wheel gun in either game yet so I would like to get a stronger grasp on the differences between the two. Thanks! Jerry
  8. I sure can see both points of view. I do think the Rwr should for sure stay. As a CDP guy I use it often and it has paid off consistently. As far as the point value change goes. I suppose it only matters if we change how we shoot because of it. If everyone shoots the same average points down as they did before they will end up finishing matches in the same place as before. Of course I am a weirdo anyway since I like USPSA and IDPA almost exactly as much though I have enjoyed more shooting success in IDPA. I just like to see the slide move no matter what game I am playing
  9. I carry with a vest a lot but I am famous for having all manner of stuff in my pockets. The vest just gives me more space to haul stuff 8) That said I do agree that it is not the most subtle way to carry. I also use a totally different vest when I shoot a match that has no pockets and was made for IDPA use. Of course the gun I shoot matches with is also not the one I carry unless you count the mag full of 185 gr SilverTips I keep in my bag just in case. I did try shooting a match with the gun I carry 95 percent of the time. I wore jeans and a t-shirt with a Hawaiian shirt for cover which is pretty typical of me on a day off. I shot about the same as I do with my match gun and vest though I did have slower reloads since the grip is not full length. I suppose it comes down to whether or not you think of IDPA as a sport or a training tool. If you think about it an IDPA stage that was actually realistic would have maybe three threat targets (all moving) buried in a sea of non-threat targets (all moving really REALLY fast!) The bay would be 360 degrees with tons of stuff in it like store shelves full of chips and candy bars. The timer would scream something like "Oh my god he has a GUN!" instead of beep. Also you would have to drink about 5 Red Bulls to simulate the way you would feel. Honestly that does not sound at all fun. I certainly believe that all the time I have spent shooting IDPA has made me way more likely to survive if I am ever unlucky enough to be involved in a self defense situation.
  10. Cool!! I used to have one of these. Not nearly as nice as yours though.
  11. JerryShoots


    Since I started eating right and working out / running in April I have lost over 70 pounds! I feel absolutely phenomenal! No fad diet either just healthy organic food and lots of running 8)
  12. When I'm not at work I carry a nice little M&P 9C in a Raven holster with the spare mag in my pocket. Call me crazy but I think I'll just compete in CCP with that.
  13. http://www.idpa.com/misc/docs/2015IDPA-Rules-MA-V1.0.pdf
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