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  1. classifiers are great practice drills and theres ton of info on times and the hf calculator to help.
  2. you can do a lot of drills and mini stages
  3. I dont think you should change for match day. i drink a lot of coffee, if i dont have some i get the gitters and a headache treat match day like any other. dont send your system into shock
  4. here is how i see it. in uspsa if i make a mistake and collect some penalties, I get some compassion or light teasing. in idpa if i make a mistake and collect some penalties, i get accused of gaming/ cheating. and threatend with a ftdr just give me my penalties and lets rock on..
  5. lets silence radio talk shows also cant have anybody say something against the establishment.
  6. That would be a costly mental error right there. End that day realll quick. last year at nats they had a bay no ro necasary
  7. sarge what happens when you relax and not try to force the speed?
  8. full size tgts 3x5 cards 8 inch paper plates door knobs light switch covers framed pictures hanging on a wall, you name it I probably shot it in dryfire. and Ben stoegers reduced size tgts
  9. Absolutely true. im to lazy to print and cut maybe i should stop dry firing.
  10. wasnt trying to instigate I was not at the match. so I dont know the situation. just saying sometimes its not possible to keep a eye on a gun.
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