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  1. Are you using the matching followers? This kit on my XDM had the same exact issue and I had to go back to the factory follower.
  2. Where can you actually buy them? I'm looking to drop the hammer on one this season but not if I have to wait a year lol. Also I tested one out earlier this year at a match. Over my Versamax it's much lighter but I'd say a pretty significant increase in recoil. Others who were worried about the recoil also tell me the Breda still ended up being faster though. I personally like the machines precision barrel. I'm big on slug accuracy and it seems like they are too.
  3. Can you clarify the Pro match registration? The way Im reading it with the "no registration code just an application" it sounds like its not going to be 1st come 1st serve like it always has been. How is the application process working this year for pro?
  4. Apex has an upgraded extractor. When I sent my pistol to Mod 1 to get worked over he said mine was broken and swapped it out with the upgraded piece. I haven't had any ejection issues whatsoever since. I have had failure to feed and failure to fires issues. I polished the feed ramp and chamber entrance to a mirror finish and that solved the failure to feed. Still working on the failure to fires though.
  5. First click didn't work so I was like 2 seconds in. Hopefully it works out.
  6. I was wondering, I wanted to run it on my own and incorporate it into my training regimen. All I can recall is what you just listed lol.
  7. Is there a sign in tomorrow? I'm still at work for another hour, my relief didn't show.
  8. I'd also love a source that discusses competive shooting prior to SOF.
  9. I'm giving a presentation on 3 gun and I was going to start with the history of it. I know the general history that it started with a SOF 3 gun match but I can't seem to find a good resource for more specific information. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks a lot Dustin
  10. I had the problem. My Versa Max locked up when it was really cold. My pistol and rifle felt sticky and sluggish. I've since switched to Italian Gun Grease and lucas.
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