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  1. Just exposed not dragging, I was just thinking about some kinda hood. Good idea
  2. Yeah I like it, but I bought it when I was shooting an full size M&P, and now I'm shooting a pro so my front sight sticks out the end. That combined with the fact that Also where are you seeing pistols bouncing out of holsters? I haven't seen a pistol come out of the holster of a competent shooter accidentally in quite a while.
  3. Ive been using the safariland ALS on an invictus practical hanger, but I'm starting to feel that the locking retention isn't needed anymore, and very rarely I am getting hung up on it. I've been considering switching to either the LAG nova, or the nerd coffin. Both of them were influenced by top 3 gun pros. Anyone have some experience with either of these, or have something else they would recommend?
  4. This x100 I got the RNT tab and I love it. Bigger than most buttons and it will never break off. I reccomend some traction tape on top of the tab.
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