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  1. Do I really need to elaborate? Come on Cubbies!
  2. Let us know how it goes, I may be not long behind you with the test.
  3. Can’t hate that, plus you’re in Limited for “cheap” that way.
  4. I picked up a VP9 on a trade recently and I’m going to give it the old “Pepsi challenge” against my Stock 2. I love the Tanfo, but I’m coming to a realization that I just shoot striker guns better than DA/SA. Or at least I feel like I do.
  5. Wondering the same thing myself. I know HK doesn’t get a lot of play in these games, but surely someone has gone down this road.
  6. At that price you could buy it just in case you want to try open later. That place doesn't happen to have a TS Orange in .40 do they? I'm in the market.
  7. Red Hill Tactical. I just ordered a lefty Tanfo holster last week to replace a BT and, although I don't have it yet, have heard nothing but positives. He's a vendor on here and has a page in the Vendor Tents sub-forum.
  8. I ran 5.1gr N320 under a Precision Delta 180gr RN. This was out of a 5" 2011, non-AET barrel. Made right at 170PF.
  9. 3 feet or so, ejects to about the two to three o'clock. Ammo about 131PF, 8lb recoil spring now, but a 10lb didn't make a big difference.
  10. I load Winchester primers on a 550b. Last couple weeks I was about 99% with a PD 14# and the stock firing pin setup, with a couple DA light strikes. I switched to the PD optimized firing pin and spring yesterday, along with dropping to a 13# hammer spring, and today ran 300 rounds through the gun (Stock 2) with 100% ignition.
  11. I've got a couple hundred at 1.08 that I can probably set back a bit and see how it goes. Not trying to push the pressure through the roof though. Sitting at 4.0gr N320 now (about 130PF), so I should be good.
  12. Did you do your own reaming or send it out? If you sent it out, where did you send it? I'm in the same boat with my Stock 2, and the go-to Tanfo guy is unavailable for several weeks.
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