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  1. Beven Gram. He does great work. http://gramsengineering.com (No disclaimers) Correct. Mine does not have a FPB. But he may have a solution to retain it for carry optics division.
  2. I had my slide milled. More of an investment but the red dot lines up exactly where the iron sights would be (if i had one).
  3. I found that getting a quality choke wrench fixed my problem. Those cheesy flat ones never seem to work well.
  4. Interesting. Going to have to look in to this. Is this new 941 or any of the older ones on the california approved list?
  5. I vote mec. They are bulletproof (figuratively not literally.)
  6. Its a sweet gun but pricy. Lothar Walther barrel. It shoots 0.5 inches at 50 yards untuned, but falls off at 100 yards. Going on a ground squirrel hunting trip this summer. You can get some PCP's around $500 that has comparable performance. Wish i could do some eradicating like you do, but its a no-no where I live.
  7. Sunnyvale gun and rod club. Im sure you have gone since you are also in Sunnyvale. Half the week the range is limited to members only so its cool not having lots of public there. Completely different vibe. Trap, 5 stand, rimfire, 3 gun, cowboy, etc. . Action pistol is not as good as richmond. Overall, well run and people are friendly
  8. its an Edgun. You are right about just shooting one into the ground. I guess the other day, I was showing someone how to cock it in the house and then was thinking, what do I do now. Im sure the wife won't mind a few holes in the carpet.
  9. My sister and brother in law are lawyers in DC. I've learned never to argue with one. Just sharing what I have read in other posts. Whether it is truth or myth, none of the 400 members in our gun club are putting ammo in their guns.
  10. Mac, That was a good question. I never really looked it up. Some of the answers are found in Calguns (the main gun forum for California.) Here is a sample thread. https://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=52485 There is no specific law. But here is the argument It is unlawful to carry a loaded firearm on one’s person or in a vehicle while in any public place, on any public street, or in any place where it is unlawful to discharge a firearm.(Penal Code § 12031(a)(1).) A firearm is deemed loaded when there is a live cartridge or shell in, or attached in any manner to, the firearm, including, but not limited to, the firing chamber, magazine, or clip thereof attached to the firearm. (Penal Code § 12031(g).) For the purposes of Penal Code section 12023 (commission or attempted commission of a felony while armed with a loaded firearm), a firearm is deemed loaded when both the firearm and the unexpended ammunition capable of being discharged from the firearm are in the immediate possession of the same person. (Penal Code § 12034.) So the argument goes that the ammo does not have to actually be in the gun for it to be considered loaded. Note that the comma after the word "magazine" which imples that a loaded magazine is a loaded gun. While this may be an argument in semantics, some of the officers of the great nation of California have arrested people using similar logic. One example is Clark in which he arrested and charged with having a loaded firearm because he had shells in a case attached to the butt of the shotgun. Arrest first and ask questions later. http://www.hoffmang.com/firearms/People-v-Clark-(1996).pdf
  11. michael1one


    Agreed. Shooting stationary targets is boring once you get into action sports. The great thing is that clays are cheap and you don't have to wait around all the time. Also since you know your own score, you have something to work toward each time.
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