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  1. Does it make contact with the locking block? Mines on a ZEV OZ9 so it doesn’t have a locking block pin so it’s like a 2 pin gun. Since the block is integrated into the chassis and cant be lifted out of the frame like a Glock, it's machined open enough to allow the trigger to be removed so I would assume that yours would actually fit better.
  2. I’ve never owned one, but that’s because I saw my buddies RHT holster for a Stock 2 and it had a really weird fit. There are so many options that offer vacuum formed, CNC billet mold, dual layer Kydex holsters nowadays that I’d be hard pressed to consider a foam pressed (my personal opinion from the lack of definition) holster with a long lead time. Currently using a holster from a small shop, great build quality, and short lead time.
  3. Yes same footprint/mounting holes. Only difference is the SRO’s glass hangs out over the front, so it’s recommended that it does not cover the ejection port.
  4. Take a gander at the first reply. It’s a magnetic race holster. The other one was edited out after I pointed it out. I see your reading comprehension is about as good as theirs.
  5. Is your RHT molded to accept the ELS pattern? If so, drilling a new hole is easy.
  6. So why are people recommending race holsters? He’s looking for a hanger to attach a kydex RHT holster.
  7. tt350z

    G17 mag well

    Agency, ALG, Carver, Dawson, Glockstore, Magpul, Overwatch, SJC, TTI, Tyrant, Zev just to name a few.
  8. You can only shorten up the take up very little until the trigger safety no longer engages. You’d have to modify the blade safety to take have noticeable change in take up.
  9. I like the Zev extension for that reason. Dont have to slide the extension off, just slide the door off.
  10. tt350z

    ZEV OZ9

    For what it’s worth, all during matches because I dont shoot at the range for fun/practice due to ammo situation. I’ve had 2 incidents with FTE. 1. New gun with Apex extractor (Part number 102-104), multiple FTE during the first stage at a match. Swapped back to the Zev extractor, no issues. 2. Aluminum cased ammo, FTE during the first stage at a match. Went back to brass, no issues the rest of the match. 3. It’s been 100% when I didnt change anything with brass ammo.
  11. Zev. Easiest to take apart and reassemble for cleaning. I have used TF and TTI before. Haven’t tried the MBX.
  12. No way around it. It’s a striker fired pistol. When you pull the trigger, the cruciform pushes the striker back, pushing the rear of the slide up slightly. Insert a loaded mag (recommend snapcaps or used brass) to put pressure on the slide as if it was actually cycling when shooting. You’ll notice the slide slop goes away.
  13. I just dry fired the heck out of mine and greased it. Make sure the connector isnt pinching the trigger bar against the frame. I dont see the need to run a reduced power striker spring to lighten the pull an ounce. Way under #3 with a minus connector. Probably closer to #2.25-2.5
  14. The Apex sure does look like it has the longest reach. I know my Zev has a noticeably longer reach than the Timney.
  15. The connector will affect reach as well. If the bent tab where the trigger bar contacts the connector is lower, it will have a more trigger forward position when it breaks. Higher will be the opposite. I noticed my Zev connector has a more forward set than others.
  16. Just push hard. I dont think Teklok locks down hard enough to keep things from moving for me. I’ll shim it with some velcro to make it tighter.
  17. That screw holds the sear housing down to the ejector housing so it doesnt come up. The lip of the screw catches on the bottom lip of the housing to keep it from coming up.
  18. So are most of the issues with gen 5 guns? i wonder if the ambi slide catch is pinching the trigger shoe or something preventing the trigger bar from dropping all the way? I dont have a gen 5 so I’m just guessing.
  19. i have a Zev OZ9, so gen 3 slide Arent gen 5 guide rods the same diameter as a gen 4? If so could just use a gen 4 to 3 adapter.
  20. I’m gonna say it’s because the sear keeps the striker in the cocked position early so there is more striker spring tension on the recoil spring sooner. Well I’m dumb and didnt pay attention and ordered a flat wire spring. I have a larger diameter jentra tungsten guide rod so the flat spring wont fit.
  21. I’ve been using a 15 lbs recoil spring with factory striker spring. I dont see the purpose of using a lighter striker spring with the Timney trigger. Sure it might lighten the pull 1 oz. but not worth it for increased chance of light primer strikes. Plus the full powered striker spring would give it a faster lock time for those that care about it (I dont). Got a 13 lbs spring on the way to try it out.
  22. It’s not available for large frames, not sure what that has to do with this thread or why it’s even mentioned.
  23. Is that pull weight for both JG and Timney with the OEM striker spring?
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