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  1. I have had several TacSol conversions and used them in both single and doublestack frames. Each one needed some tweaking to get them working, and TacSol's customer service has been great. I had issues with the double stack mags and they quickly replaced them. Recently, I had the barrel assembly fall of the front of the gun when firing. It took a while to figure out why until the slide got jammed up in a way that revealed a crack in the front. TacSol immediately send an entire replacement conversion.
  2. In a Bedell Shorty 8.8g HS6 115 Precision Delta JHP 1.15 OAL 172pf
  3. Not sure. I think the problem was unique to this gun. I have several other 2011's with more rounds than this one and they show no signs of similar grip issues. I guess it's just something to keep in mind when diagnosing hammer follow, along with the other things I tried.
  4. I was having occasional hammer follow on a 2011 open gun. It was a challenge to diagnose because the hammer follow would only occur during live fire. I went through the usual suspects. First I tried adjusting the sear spring, but it would still happen even with up to a 4lb trigger pull. Next, I replaced the sear and hammer with new EGW parts. Using trigger adjustment pins I could see that there was very good positive engagement, and again, I couldn’t replicate the hammer follow except during live fire. I had already checked the grip screws which were Loctited after prior experience on a different gun on which loose grip screws causing hammer follow. In order to see exactly what was going on during live fire, I fired the pistol with the grip safety removed. Apparently during live fire, the left leaf of the sear spring was jumping off the sear and would settle under the sear, pushing up from the bottom. It was the plastic STI grip that was either cracked or worn to the point that it was allowing the sear spring to move under fire. I couldn’t find any visible cracks in the grip. After replacing the grip, the pistol is up and running, with the original sear, hammer and sear spring. I should have suspected this issue was slowly in the making. About a year ago, the left leaf began slipping off to the left of the sear. After reading around the forum, I fixed this by shimming the sear spring so it wouldn’t fall off and it worked fine for over a year. One possibility that I did not experiment with was simply changing the grip screw bushings. I don’t think this would have solved it because when observing the amount of play the sear spring had in the new old grip vs the new one, there was significantly less in the new grip.
  5. I cut a safety plunger spring in half. Has been working fine for over a year. Didn't mess with the ball springs.
  6. Great match. Thanks to all the staff for their hard work. If anyone found a small clear plastic tackle box full of tools and spares on stage 4 or 5, could you please let me know? Thanks.
  7. worldspeedshoot.com now shows as an expired domain name. Stepchild kicked to the curb?
  8. Does anyone know what the latest is? Is there any additional info on this match, or even confirmation that it is happening? Apart the dates shown on the Nationals page and listed in Front Sight, I haven't been successful in finding anything else.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. It's off to C-Rums. Anyone have pics of their 20 ga loading port opened up?
  10. Does anyone make a welded lifter for the M2 in 20? It seems to be narrower than the 12 ga.
  11. Don't know what you're talking about Jim. Me and my guns got home as clean as when I left. Great match Dean and crew!!! Thanks. Al
  12. So technically an out-of-state resident is not allowed to shoot in a NY competition if it is not recognized by the NRA or followed by NY penal code 265.20-12. So does that mean Duchess County matches are a no go for out of staters?
  13. I'm with Viggen and zhunter. Don't buy! We usually put in big group orders and buy enough to cover at least the next 12 months of shooting. I won't buy anymore until prices come down. If I run out of 40's, I'll start loading 9mm and shoot production for a while. If I run out of that, I'll switch to rimfire steel, etc. I have to much work twice as hard to make the same amount of money now so I don't have time shoot as much as I want anyway. If everyone changes their purchasing habits, prices will come down. Why buy today if you know prices have to come down? And if they don't, I will only buy the absolute minimum required. No way do I want to be sitting on heads that cost $110/k six months from now when they will be going for $60/k. I refuse to get gouged! Just like I refuse to pay $200+ for an AR lower. DON"T BUY!
  14. The match was great. Thanks to the guys at Topton. Regarding the long range stage, I didn't see anything wrong or different from any other long range rifle stage. If you want to see the flasher really move at 200yds, shoot a heavier bullet or shoot major. If you can't see through the dust, don't miss. If you can't see the steel, get better optics. If you shoot limited, that's your choice.
  15. I don't see how it's clear here at all. As Bill mentioned, there's plenty of interest as evidenced by the sold out matches listed. I shot the match the last two years and had a great time the first year, then was turned off the second year by an an isolated BS incident with an RO which I think was alluded to here earlier, but anyone can have a bad day and I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I was truly looking forward to this year's match until I found out there was a conflict As far as suggestions go, I am not big on posting here so I will keep it brief: 1. Check with other area clubs to avoid conflicts with other matches. I personally know about 12 people who would have attended if it did not conflict with another match, and am aware of another 8-10 that are in the same situation. That would make 20+ potential attendees for a Saturday session if it were available. That figure may not make or break the match for you, but it gives some good insight as to what happened to a significant portion of prior match attendees. 2. If you are going to decide to run a match, bite the bullet and be accomodating to the "market's" needs and desires (Event Planning 101). Obviously they weren't addressed and the match was unable to gain enough interest and is now cancelled. 3. If you don't have the support to put on the match locally, maybe it's time to reconsider. It's hard to expect shooters to take time off from work and incur significant travel expenses to come work at a match. Most seasoned shooters I know of contribute significantly at their home clubs and that is really how this sport of ours survives and allows us to be able to travel to all parts of this country to shoot great matches. 4. Lighten up. Throughout this post, talk about "bending the rules", and "sneaking in" left a poor impression. And trying to impose guilt on this crowd with "If you want it to be better, and continue to grow, consider what you are doing to further that goal." is probably poorly received. As I mentioned above, most here are probably big contributors at their home clubs and don't need to be lectured about the nature of our volunteer sport. So the match is cancelled and that's too bad for all of us in the NE. I would have liked to have shot it, but now I have an additional $300 saved that can go towards shooting DPMS tri-gun or another big 3 gun match. As I mentioned, I am not big on posting here but I wanted to make it clear that while it seems that it's just "the same 2 or 3 people complaining here", they probably represent the sentiments of many others, but not everyone has the time or inclination to be on the forum reading and posting on a regular basis.
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