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  1. Leave mine in forever. I reload fairly regularly and I have a finished basement with no temp swings. With the hornady plastic hopper on top, it did eat and discolor the plastic until it was almost falling out. Got a dram worx pyrex one and haven't had an issue yet. Only time it gets emptied is if a switch to different powder for a different load. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  2. Dry fire regularly. Live fire once a week except during the winter. I live fire about 2x a month between December and March. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. Pretty much spot in. Long winded, but on point. Lol Go fast parts do not make up for skill. Switching between platforms can hurt more than it helps. That said, quality gear is important for reliability so dont be afraid to get some of the best gear, just dont do it thinking you need it shoot better or faster. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  4. Or if anyone has the weight of a non stripped slide, I can do maths.
  5. Anyone happen to know the weight of a 1.0 5" 9mm stripped slide? Looking for the standard, not the CORE model. Thanks
  6. Good to know. I ordered a jager guide rod conversion, but I did get to shoot it today with the lonewolf and only had 1 ft. Think I'm going to play around with both and see what happens. Jager seems to have good reviews and a better fit from what I've found on here and searching the internet. Thanks everyone.
  7. The adaptor fits the slide fine. The back of the guide rod isn't pressing up against the barrel enough to hold it into place.when comparing to the stock guide rod, it's shorter by a very small amount. All I really need to know is if this cause issues, or if I should just return the guide rod for a new one.
  8. That's it. A gen 3 guide rod with a lone wolf adapter...
  9. It has a lone wolf adapter. But it's literally the smallest fraction from pushing up against the barrel to hold it in place.
  10. Here's the issue. Hopefully this helps
  11. It came with the required insert.
  12. I tried to find info on here, but haven't had any luck searching. I picked up a stainless guide rod for a 4th gen 34. It's the type that converts it to the 3rd gen style so I could put a lower weight recoil spring in. The guide rod doesn't snug up to the barrel and is a tiny fraction shorter than the the stock guide rod It cause the guide rod to fall out during disassembly. When it's in, it seems to function properly by hand, but I'm hesitant to shoot it. Is this semi normal/acceptable, or should I return it?
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